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London is an amazing city that dates back to Roman times. The city is known for the birthplace of Punk Rock, trendy fashion, and a vibrant art scene. But, the capital of England is also a city brimming with nightlife, great restaurants, and a rich, cultural history. Many travelers opt for international first class flights to London arriving at one of the city’s four airports: London Gatwick- LGW, London Heathrow- LHR, London Luton- LTN, and London Stansted- STN.

Choosing first class travel to London, England allows you to avoid wasting a day of travel recovering from jetlag. International first class tickets to London are comfortable, elegant, and surprisingly affordable. There are fares to fit any budget. Even last minute travelers can find first class flights to London that are cheap and inexpensive. A quick internet search can find deals on last-minute international first class tickets to London. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune! London offers colorful streets, super cool cafes, and music venues. Pack your walking shoes, book your First Class Ticket to London, England and even if you only have a few days, first class travel will prevent you from having to waste time feeling jet lagged. Last minute deals exist on first class travel to London. Start by looking at travel websites because these websites offer travel plans that fit all budgets.

Here Are Just a Handful of Sights to See in London:

  1. British Museum: Visit the British Museum that is filled with London’s most beautiful and well-known antiquities, however, this is not the only attraction, as this museum is also an architectural landmark. There are a lot of activities at the museum including tours and gallery talks that are all free. There are so many must-see exhibits within the fantastic museum. Visitors may have to book a second day.


  1. Tower of London: Viewing the Tower of London is an activity that you can’t miss during your trip to this amazing city. The tower of London is has a lot of different activities you can participate in including touring the 12 towers. If you are interested in the fascinating past of the monarchs, you will be happy to hear that there is an excellent crown exhibition included in the towers.


  1. Buckingham Palace: Don’t forget to visit Buckingham Palace it is where Queen Elizabeth lives. Book a tour and see all 19 State Rooms where Queen Elizabeth herself, as well as the whole royal family, attend events. Within the castle, you will see the incredible decorations and furniture artfully displayed. Some of the most amazing pieces of the royal collection can be found here.


  1. Portobello Road Market: Explore the streets of London including the Notting Hill area where you will find Portobello Road which is considered to be the most popular street in the neighborhood. Overflowing with over 1,000 merchants, there is something for everyone here. You wil not run out of things to do. The market has a lively feeling and makes for a fuhn afternoon.


  1. Westminster Abbey: Want to explore and learn all of London’s magnificent history? If so, then Westminster Abbey is the place to go. Always full with visitors you can’t run out of things to see. A tourist can spend a whole day here. If you are interested in poets and literature, there are tombs for some of England’s most famous authors here.
  2. Piccadilly Circus: Feel the electric buzz as you visit Piccadilly Circus. Where five busy roads meet in London, this is the epicenter of London’s hustle and bustle. Energy streams through the streets with loads of fulfilling activities like restaurants, clubs, and shops.
  3. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens: If you’re tired of the city’s busy streets, take a rest at the beautiful Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This is a must visit for all tourists as you explore the gorgeous area. Enjoy the relaxing, tranquil atmosphere of the garden as a break from the fast moving life outside.
  4. National Gallery: Enjoy London’s giant and incredible national gallery located in Trafalgar Square. It includes up to 2,300 in-house pieces that are all worth seeing. You can spend a full day or a half a day admiring the gallery displays.
  5. The London Eye: The best way to see the the best views in London are while riding this famous attraction. The London Eye is a Ferris wheel that sours up to 400 feet high. There is no better view than the bird’s eye view of London, it’s amazing.
  6. West End Theatre District: Catch a show at West End Theatre District during your trip to London! The shows in London are filled with talent and are often pronounced by the most talented directors and producers. Pre-plan and buy tickets to the show you want to see as early as possible. Many of London’s live shows sell out quickly.


This is just a start because this list could easily go to at least 30 without hesitation. London offers something to see and do for just about every traveler. First Class International Flights to London are in high demand during the spring and summer months. Begin researching airfares on websites to find the best deals on first class International travel to London.  Web searches provide great transparency for consumers to compare the difference in price for economy and first class travel. Consider the number of vacation days you have, factor in your hotel fees, and then use the fares to determine the best route for you. Sometimes, saving a day at your hotel recovering from jetlag is a great option. Cheap and discount fares with little to no notice are available and most seasoned travelers know that a little flexibility can provide big savings.


FlightsLux is a website that can help you purchase inexpensive international first class tickets to London and other cities quickly and easily. FlightsLux taps affordable and at the lowest price fares.


First Class Travel to London:

First class flights to London offer travelers a lot of extras that make your journey to England more comfortable and easier. A First class ticket to London will let you use the shorter lines through security and when you check in. You will also be allowed to bring more baggage that weighs more without paying a penalty than you can with an economy or business class ticket. You can enter the first class lounges at the airport too. These lounges offer additional amenities for first class travelers including exclusive areas, beautiful bars, free hot meals, and any snack you would like. Grab a soda or a cocktail, and send any last minute emails, finish work projects or book a few more things to see on your trip. These lounges are amazing, super clean, and provide a getaway from the crowded and noisy airport. A service attendant will let you know if there are any changes to your flight. You are officially on vacation and don’t need to worry about when to pre-board, which gate to go to, or even if there is a gate change or delay. The attendants track all of that for you. All you need to do is pre-board, get settled before all of the other passengers, and relax.


A first class flight to London automatically gets you a seat that fully reclines and offers great privacy for the long flight. You might have a partition wall, small desk area, or even a bar designated for first class passengers. Your seat will have blankets, pillows, slippers, celebrity chef prepared meals, free alcohol, unlimited movies, noise canceling earbuds, and the best most knowledgeable staff of flight attendants you’ve ever met.

London Airport:

International first class flights to London will arrive at one of London’s four international airports. London City, London Gatwick- LGW, London Heathrow- LHR, London Luton- LTN, and London Stansted- STN. Heathrow is the largest airport and generally considered the gateway to the United Kingdom.


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