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Hong Kong is located in the southeast portion of China and has long been a tourist destination. This bustling area offers so many different activities that it appeals nearly every traveler. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory and urban center hosting luxury shopping destinations, elaborate amusements parks, outdoor hiking trails, beachfront serenity, and incredible food. Hong Kong also boasts effective public transportation through a network of subways, buses, and ferries. The neighborhoods are unique and offer areas representing artists, generational wealth, university students, and musicians. There are many street markets that represent these neighborhoods and the handmade wares are sold for rock-bottom prices. Hong Kong offers impressive theater, five-star restaurants, and abundant color. It is obvious why so many travelers flock to this area with a population of over seven million people – there truly is something for everyone. Be ready for congested sidewalks and a brisk pace because this area moves quickly. Here are some lesser known activities that attract tourists to Hong Kong:

  1. Nan Lian Gardens: This is a public park and the decor is rooted in the Tang Dynasty. It’s a great place to relax, enjoy a snack and explore the gardens. There is a place of worship on the property, so be respectful to those you see praying, but enjoy the gorgeous lotus pond and walking trails.
  2. Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade: Enjoy Hong Kong’s skyline, and decide what you want to do: shop, eat, or go to a museum – everything you could imagine is here. If you are visiting at night you can catch an amazing sound and light show.
  3. Ocean Park: Hong Kong Disneyland is a huge draw but Ocean Park is less attended but still a great find. It houses a zoo, aquarium, roller coasters, and a carnival! Really, and they are all pretty amazing. Do a bit of research and decide what appeals to you and then plan your day around those activities. The zoo is top notch (pandas!), the aquarium is relaxing (except for the sharks!), and the roller coasters are thrilling. So think about it, and map out a plan.
  4. Street Markets/Neighborhood Roaming: Hong Kong offers so many street-level activities! The Ladies’ Market, The Temple Street Night Market, and the Stanley Market-the list goes on. See several, see one, spend the day hopping from market to market. You will learn about the local customs, mingle with local artisans, and depending on how brave you are, eat some pretty incredible food!
  5. The Peak Tram: Ride the Peak Tram and throw caution to the wind and experience the highest point on Hong Kong Island. The views are uncanny, the history is significant, and the harbor is unforgettable-there are three reasons to do it right there!

Here’s where your travel choices get complicated. There are about 20 “can’t miss” things to see in Hong Kong. If you are traveling from a very far away you may want to pay a bit extra for a Business Class flight to Hong Kong, China and here is why: It may be worth the extra money. You will want to get right to the sights and sounds of this area. Spending a day at your hotel sleeping and struggling with jet lag is a waste of your day (even if your hotel is amazing,  it’s a waste). There is too much to see and do here. Everyone is SO busy today that extra vacation days just don’t exist anymore. Invest a little more in airfare and opt for Business Class Flights to Hong Kong and save a day recovering from uncomfortable travel.  Economy and coach seem like a bargain until you land exhausted and frustrated. Business Class flights to Hong Kong, China will help you skip lines and green-light you into airport lounges, where you can refuel your tank and head out ready to tackle this Hong Kong vacation.

Plus the seats on the aircraft and WAY better. The most obvious and maybe the best reason to pay more for a business class ticket to Hong Kong is the seat and the business class cabin configuration. The seats are wider, softer, and recline completely. Let’s says that again “recline completely.” You can actually sleep laying down. That means actual sleep. Real rest. That’s what you need if you want to skip the recovery day at your hotel. Business Class Flights to Hong Kong serve Michelin star quality food and includes alcoholic beverages and champagne. Of course, you get squishy blankets, sleeping slippers, and soft pillows. You also can watch unlimited movies which really help pass the time on long flights. Traveling business class to Hong Kong costs more than coach and economy fares, but even last minute travelers can find cheap and inexpensive business tickets to Hong Kong. Thanks to internet sites, like First Business Travel, travelers can shop around for deals and offers on major airlines, it doesn’t make sense to not look into these offers on business class tickets. There are fare options for every budget, click around the internet before purchasing your tickets. Business Class travel to Hong Kong is comfortable – imagine yourself arriving in Hong Kong wide-eyed and rested!


Think of the advantages that business class international flights to Hong Kong offer and these advantages will save you time and energy on your vacation in days you won’t waste at your hotel. Cheap and discount fares are available even with little notice, so look before you book your coach seat.


FlightsLux finds inexpensive international business class tickets to Hong Kong and they guarantee $1,000 in savings. The popular website also offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week assistance, so you can feel good about booking through them as they are always available. Additionally, they will help you find affordable flights to ensure you get the lowest price possible. Research is a smart idea when planning a vacation. No one wants to waste time or money, so look into business class, it might make sense for you.

What do you Get?:

Business Class flights to Hong Kong automatically move you to shorter lines, so you save time checking in and going through security. Your ticket will also get you into the Business Class lounge at the airport – this is big! These lounges provide hot food,  great snacks (think about how much airport food costs? Now think about how bad it usually it is!), beverages, alcoholic drinks and cocktails, and sometimes showers. Get a great meal here, have a really fun cocktail, and relax. Yes, hang out. Don’t worry about anything. Charge your phone and fear nothing because an attendant is watching your flight status for you. You will be notified if there is a gate change. You will be notified when pre-boarding starts. You won’t miss anything because you have a professional looking out for you. Business Class tickets to Hong Kong provide you with benefits all day – it’s a lot more than a bigger seat on the plane.

Hong Kong International Airport:

Hong Kong has one international airport – HKG. This airport has been in operation for more than 20 years and is very busy. It is also an extremely well run and plush airport. The amenities for business class travelers are exquisite. Flights Lux can verify what amenities are available at Hong Kong International Airport before you book your flight.  All major airlines offer services to Hong Kong International.

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