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Business class cabin amenities onboard a Thai Airways flight include a larger seat, excellent food, and superior customer service. Thai Airways business class passengers are greeted by flight attendants and offered champagne, juice, or water prior to takeoff. The business class seats on a Thai Airways flight are wide and comfortable. The seats transform into a flatbed and offer enough privacy to sleep soundly during the flight. Business class cabin amenities are constantly changing and receiving upgrades to better compete in the luxury travel space. Business class seats often convert into flat beds and provide ample comfort to sleep on long journeys.


At the Airport

At the airport, Thai Airways business class passengers use a priority check-in lane which features little to no waiting. Business class passengers also use this lane through security where it also has a very short wait time. Business class passengers receive greater checked in baggage limits as well. And business class luggage receives priority baggage handling, so it will be one of the first items removed from the plane.


You can stop in at the airport lounge as a business class passenger and enjoy a complimentary meal, a glass of beer or wine and a cocktail. You can power up your laptop, charge your phone, and finish off any last minute work before you head to your gate. The attendant at the lounge will track your flight for you and notify you if there are any gate changes or delays. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal.


Business Class Cabin Amenities

Business class is referred to as Royal Silk Class by Thai Airways. Benefits of traveling in the Royal Silk Class cabin include priority check-in, shorter lines through security checkpoints, and access to airport lounges. Business class passengers also preboard their flights and receive greater luggage allowances than coach and economy travelers.


The food in business class is restaurant quality and prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Meals can be pre-ordered and include multiple courses. Meal service begins with an appetizer followed by a light first course, a salad or soup, and then a choice of a hot main course, cheese and fruit, and meals service wraps up with a dessert. Coffee and tea service is also available along with a selection of beverages including wine, cocktails, soft drinks and juice.


Business class passengers can pass the time during their flight watching recently released movies, listening to music or reading periodicals and newspapers. Thai Airways offers access to movies, television programs, and music throughout your flight. There are also games and special features on Thai Airways in-flight entertainment system.


Business Class Seats

Business class seats feature an ergonomic design with an in-seat power outlet. Most of Thai Airways aircraft offer an electrical power outlet and/or USB port. Business class passengers can charge their electronic devices, smartphones, power banks, and laptops from the electrical power outlets and USB port.


About Thai Airways

Thai Airways is the national airplane carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. It’s home base is Bangkok and flies to destinations around the world and within Thailand. It is 53.77% owned by the Ministry of Finance in the Thai Government. It was founded in 1960, as a joint venture between Thai Airways Company and Scandinavian Airlines System. In 1977, the Thai Government bought out SAS and Thai Airways became a fully owned Thai company. It has achieved profitability every year since this buyout.

When Thai Airways first started, it only flew to 9 overseas destinations all within the Asian region. In 1971, they offered intercontinental services with flights to Australia, followed by flights to Europe and finally to North America in 1980.

Thai Airways is now Thailand’s only national carrier. In 1991, the airline was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) under the symbol THAI. It was the largest share listing in the history of SET. The THAI offering of shares is the single largest one ever undertaken in Thailand. This offering allowed the airline to raise the necessary capital to stay competitive and to offer its employees the opportunity to become shareholders as well as the Thai people in general.

Thai consistently ranks among the top three airlines in Asia and the top five in the world. It has flown more than 20 million passengers. It currently offers flights to 74 destinations to 35 countries. Each day over 10,000 female passengers are presented with an orchid corsage before disembarking.

Some of its most popular flights are the daily flight from London Heathrow’s new Terminal 2 to Bangkok with connections through Asia and on to Australia. All flights are on their new A380 superjumbo.

Other popular flights to and from Bangkok are Auckland with four flights per week. Melbourne has two flights per day. Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney all offer one flight per day.

Thai Airways is part of the Star Alliance program along with the other 27 member airlines. New and wider seats have been added to Thai’s Economy Class making Thai flights very comfortable. Most seating configurations are 2-4-2 which makes the airline a good choice for couples. Thai flights are known for their rich and vibrant colors. The seats are purple. The blankets are hot pink. The airline uses the color of orchids for all of their decor. Their aircraft include mood lighting simulating different times of the day. There are seven galleys and food service stations on their A380s which is more than is offered on this aircraft by any other airline.

The flight crew on Thai flights are known for the elegance and class. Men are required to wear suits and women wear long skirts. The cabin crew is required to wear separate uniforms on land and in the air. Traditional Thai dresses in the air and purple suits on the ground.  However, only crew of Thai nationality are allowed to wear the dresses.


For more information on Thai Airways business class cabin amenities and business class seats, check the Thai Airways websites or consult with your travel agent. Business class amenities and business class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

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