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If traveling first class to Korea is on your bucket list, now is the time to book your flight. Consumers are using travel websites to compare airfare and finding great deals of first-class flights to Korea. Even last minute travelers are finding cheap and inexpensive fares offered on first class tickets to Korea. It takes some time and some research, but if you have some flexibility in the dates you can travel you can find first-class tickets to fit almost any budget. Incheon International Airport (ICN) is South Korea’s largest airport and one of the busiest airports in the world, so finding flights to and from ICN will provide you with many options. Don’t be confused about ICN it is also sometimes called Seoul-Incheon International Airport.


First Class Luxuries


First class travel will cost you more money, but you will get a lot of extra luxuries for the extra money you pay. Some of our favorite “extras” include the VIP lines at the airport which move very quickly and are staffed by well-trained professionals. These lines are sometimes called “preferred traveler” or “premier traveler” lines, also referred to as “first-class lines.” Use these lines at check-in and through security. You will save lots of time at the airport.


Pack what you want! First class passengers can check in as many bags as they like without paying additional fees and there are no weight limits on your luggage either. So feel free to pack that extra coat or 12th pair of shoes!


After checking in and speeding through security (thanks to the premier lines), head straight to the airport club lounge. These lounges are the airports’ version of a VIP club and they make spending time at the airport fantastic. Your first class ticket to Korea is all you need to access these lounges. Lounges vary based on your airline and the airport, but generally speaking, you will find hot food, desserts, snacks, soda machines, and a bar. Everything inside of the club lounge is free, so eat lunch, take some snacks for later, and by all means, grab a seat at the bar and order your favorite cocktail. If you are coming off of a long day of travel, these lounges also have spa-like shower areas where you can refresh and begin this leg of your vacation. The concierge will take note of your flight and track changes and preboarding times for you. You will be notified when it is time to preboard your flight and you will be given directions to your gate.


Once you arrive at your gate, you can preboard before the rest of the passengers and find your seat. First class amenities vary based on the type of aircraft you are traveling on, but you will find a large seat, the ability to sleep laying down, a lot of added privacy, and unlimited in-flight entertainment.


The food in first class is top notch and often endorsed by a celebrity chef. The flight attendants working the first class cabin are well-trained professionals. Get to know your flight attendant, they are a wealth of information about traveling, Ask them what to see and what not to see. Inquire about their experiences in Korea and take notes. You will get some of the best travel tips from them.


Food and alcohol are included in your airfare, so eat and drink until you are content. Order that glass of champagne and have that extra dessert or snack, you paid for it with your first class ticket to Korea.


Our Top Ten Picks of Things to Do in Korea


  1. Changdeokgung- One of Seoul’s five main palaces and recognized as the most beautiful is Changdeokgung. Originally built in 1405, it became the principal palace when Gyeongbokgung burnt to the ground in the Japanese invasion of 1590. Notice the mountain behind the palace and a small stream in front, the palace is completely designed to have a good flow and natural energy which is called feng shui.
  2. Jeonju Hanok Maeul- Jeonju Hanok Maeul is a small village known for its traditional wooden homes called hanoks. The streets are lined with these types of traditional homes. The hanoks have been converted into boutique hotels, cafes, restaurants, and small shops. While being known as a tourist only area, it really is a lot of fun. The streets are made of cobblestone and the atmosphere is electric. Come at night to get the full experience.
  3. Gyeongbokgung- Gyeongbokgung is Seoul’s premier palace. It is famous for the changing of the guard ceremonies which occurs at the main entrance. The entire facility includes a museum, gardens and of course the palace itself with its grand architecture. They are numerous buildings on site with enormous stone platforms and statutes from ancient dynasties.
  4. Leeum Samsung Museum of Art- The Leeum Samsung Museum of Art is a modern contemporary glass and steel building in a fantastic sloped neighborhood surrounded by green areas. This neighborhood is known for being the elite neighborhood in Korea and many celebrities make it their home. The museum itself is a combination of traditional and modern contemporary art. The Leeum Samsung Museum includes paintings and sculptures by Korean artists such as Nam Jun Paik but also pieces from American artist Andy Warhol. It is a must-see while in Korea.
  5. Seongsan Ilchul-bong- The Seongsan Ilchul-bong is a 182-meter high volcano and is one of Jeju-do’s most stunning sites. Don’t worry, it’s now extinct. A Unesco World Heritage site, this volcano is shaped like a giant bowl. The crater is covered in thick green trees and is ringed by jagged rocks. A very steep walk to the top but it only takes twenty minutes and it provides great views. It’s a great experience to get to see and touch the jagged rocks which were once the mouth of this great volcano.
  6. Ssanggye-sa- One of the most impressive temples in the province is the Ssanggye-sa. Stone walls support several floors of this temple that is carved directly into the mountainside. When you add in the mature trees and babbling brook it creates a mythical feeling. The path to the main hall is marked with signs describing the history of the temple which adds to symbolism and provides insight into the experience.
  7. Ddungbo Halmae Gimbap- No need to worry about not being able to read a Korean menu and figuring out what to order. The Ddungbo Halmae Gimbap restaurant only serves one thing and that is spicy squid and radish. You only need to figure out how many servings to order. The waitresses will simply point to their fingers to determine how many squids you want for your group. A lot of fun and a lot of red-pepper spice.
  8. Saryangdo- Take a ferry to the island of Saryangdo. Here you will find beautiful but rugged terrain with incredible peaks and valleys. Some of the best hiking trails in the world. The island has a spectacular ridge. The island also provides ladders and rope hikes which provide incredible views. Many try to make the 5-hour trek across the entire island.
  9. Best Bakery- Head over to the hippest café and bakery in Seoul. The Onion is where the in-crowd goes to have their morning coffee and baked goods. The dilapidated concrete building with exposed beams serves up the best-baked goods, sandwiches, and coffee known to Seoul. Bring your patience because the line will be out the door and down the street. A small brick wall outside the café is where patrons sit and enjoy their coffee and baked goods. It also makes for people watching. The Onion also provides seating on their roof terrace. This is a great spot to hang out if you are lucky enough to snag one of these prime seats.
  10. Gwangjang Market- Over 200 food vendors make this alley a food lovers paradise. The Gwangjang Market offers a wide variety of Korean treats like the mung-bean pancake, rice wine, Korean dumplings, and braised pig. For the more adventurous eaters try the raw octopus tentacles. Diners will share a long picnic table to eat their delicacies, but be forewarned that seats fill up fast in this incredibly popular market.


Now that you have some ideas as to what first class tickets to Korea provide and you have some ideas of things to do in Korea, it’s time to begin planning your trip. Happy planning!

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