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United Airlines recently completed redesigning their first class seats. The result is a wider first class seat with added comfort and personal space. The first class cabin amenities onboard a United flight offers a long list of benefits. With an upgraded first class seat and well appointed first class cabins, it makes sense to book your next flight with United. First class cabin amenities, first class seats, gourmet food, and quality entertainment are just the beginning of the perks of flying first class.


New First Class Seats

United worked with London-based design firm PriestmanGoode to create the United First Seat for United’s Airbus fleet and Boeing 737-700 and 757-300 aircraft. The new seat has a six-way adjustable headrest and wide comfortable cushions. A tray table is new and patented and includes a mobile device holder that fits more than 200 phone and tablet models. There are universal AC power plugs conveniently located so you can keep your devices charged and an in-arm storage area to hold a tablet or laptop during your flight. Also in your seating area in first class on a United flight are a personal water bottle compartment in the center console, and two seatback pockets for books, magazines, and other personal items.


First Class Cabin Amenities

United also launched the new United Polaris onboard dining menu which reimagined every aspect of dining from stemware to serving dishes. The program delivers a restaurant-quality meal served by well-trained flight attendants. As part of the onboard dining upgrades, United also improved their wine list and made a significant investment in a premium wine program. United’s new programs offer award-winning wines that complement their new meal menu. You can find more information on the new dining menu and wine list on United’s website.


United is also upgrading their fleets to offer Wi-Fi service on all United mainline aircraft and United Express two-cabin aircraft. The air carrier has also upgraded more than 550 aircraft with a personal device entertainment service providing access to a library of movies and TV shows to watch on a laptop, Apple iOS or Android device. All premium cabins offer at least one type of complimentary entertainment either personal device entertainment, seatback on-demand entertainment, or DirecTV. United’s entertainment library help pass the time on long flights.


First class passengers receive an amenity kit created through a partnership with Cowshed, a spa and lifestyle brand of Soho House & Co. The amenity kits include skincare products to keep your skin hydrated during the long flight and socks, an eye mask, ear plugs, a pen, tissues and hand sanitizer. Amenity kits on long-haul international flights are created through a partnership with retailer Saks Fifth Avenue. Saks Fifth Avenue provides the luxury bedding found aboard United Polaris flights. The amenity kits are constantly changing and being upgraded, so items included vary based on aircraft, destination, and season.


Other benefits of first class travel on United include free standard checked bags, priority boarding, and security line access as well as complimentary alcoholic beverages.


Benefits at the Airport

United first class passengers also enjoy benefits at the airport with Premier Access premium travel services at the airport. First class passengers use the designated Premier Access check-in counters, security lanes, and receive priority boarding. First class passengers can check up to two standard-sized bags free of charge. Premier Access also includes priority baggage handling which means checked in bags receive special attention and are among the first to arrive at baggage claim at your destination.


At the airport, first class ticket holders can check in to the United Club lounge and Polaris lounges. At these lounges, an attendant will check you in and keep track of your flight. If there is a delay or gate change, you will be notified by the attendant. If the gate is too far from the lounge, the attendant can arrange a ride to the gate. You can relax at the lounge and order a hot meal, grab snacks, or sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail. There are many different areas where first class passengers can sit and relax. There are also workspaces at the lounges, so if you have a last minute project to finish or you need space to collaborate on a presentation, you can accomplish these tasks at the lounge. There are also shower facilities at the lounge, so if you are coming off of a long flight, you can shower and freshen up at the spa-like facilities. The shower areas are stocked with high-end toiletries for your convenience.


About United

Currently, United operates the longest non-stop flight from the United States which is from Los Angeles to Singapore on a 787 Dreamliner. The flight takes approximately 17 hours and 40 minutes. In November, they will offer a flight from Newark Liberty International Airport to Singapore which will be the longest on earth and will be operated by an Airbus A350 Super Long Range plane.

United’s main manufacturer of planes is Boeing. At one time, United and Boeing were once one company back in 1931. In the fall of 2010, United and Continental Airlines merged into one airline but use the United brand name.

In 2016, United made history by becoming the first U.S. airline to begin using sustainable aviation biofuel on regularly scheduled flights. United also became the first carrier to fly to all 50 states.


For more information on United Airlines first class cabin amenities and first class seats, check the United website or consult with your travel agent. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on desitnation and aircraft.

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