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Don’t let the long, uncomfortable coach or economy flight to Taiwan discourage you from traveling there. Purchase an international first class flight to Taiwan instead. It will save you valuable time recovering from jetlag at your hotel and you will be able to see the sights of this amazing country on Day 1 of your vacation. There are first class tickets to Taiwan that work with most budgets and cheap and affordable first class fares are available. You can find great deals on first class flights to Taiwan through a travel agent or travel website. If you are a last minute traveler, you are in luck, some of the most affordable first class tickets to Taiwan are on unsold seats at the last minute.


International first class tickets to Taiwan will cost more than a coach or economy seat, but you will receive so many comforts and luxuries, you probably won’t mind that you paid more. Look into what first class flights to Taiwan offer travelers before you purchase a standard coach seat. The luxuries in first class add up to a lot of benefits that can actually save you time and money.



Which Airport in Taiwan Should I Use for my Search


Use Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, TPE as your destination airport for your first class flight to Taiwan. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, TPE, serves the Taipei and northern Taiwan areas. It is Taiwan’s largest airport which means you will have many opportunities to find first class flights arriving here. The airport may be called Chiang Kai-shek International Airport or CKS International Airport. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, TPS serves more than 42 million passengers each year. It is a large, busy, state of the art airport. You will not be disappointed in the first class amenities offered here. Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, TPE serves as the hub for China Airlines, EVA Air, Uni Air, and Tigerair Taiwan. This airport works with all major carriers, so you should be able to source affordable first class tickets to Taiwan on all major airlines and air carriers.



Top Ten Great Things to See in Taiwan


  1. National Palace Museum- The National Palace Museum houses the largest and possibly best collection of Chinese art in the world. There are vast collections of religious objects, jade, ceramics, bronzes, calligraphy, and paintings here. Some of the pieces on display are more than 1,000 years old like the Buddhist artifacts from the Forbidden City. With works of art from over a thousand years ago, they also have rare dinosaur fossils.
  2. Maokong Gondola Ride- It takes 30 minutes to ride the 4-kilometer-long tracks on this gondola ride. This is a part tourist attraction and part normal mode of transportation for those in Taipei. On a clear day, you will get great views across the city. For the more daring people, try to ride in the crystal cabin where you can see through the bottom of the gondola for incredible views. At the top, you can join a tea tasting tour or enjoy the observatory decks.
  3. Taipei Zoo- The World famous Taipei Zoo is one of Asia’s largest zoos and is a great place to see the indigenous plants and flowers available in Taipei. The animal portion of the zoo features exhibits of kangaroos, giants pandas, koalas, and other African wildlife. The staff hosts numerous shows and activities with the friendlier animals as part of the fun.
  4. Jiufen Old Street- A Japanese-era gold mining area, this town is nestled in a valley and built right into the mountainside. It feels like a resort town in the French Rivera with its lovely deck and outdoor restaurants complete with string lights and wrought iron gates.
  5. Taroko Gorge National Park- One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Taiwan, this park is known for its dramatic changes in topography. You can see lush forests, valleys, small waterways, steep rocks, and elevation changes. Guided tours are available and there are plenty of hiking trails of varying levels of difficulty.
  6. Shimen Wedding Plaza- Taiwan’s first wedding plaza was designed using a Mediterranean architecture with bell towers and white corridors. Built in 2008, the plaza is the ultimate wedding destination with views of the sea as a backdrop. The architecture and views of the water have a distinct Southern European feel and the natural gardens around the plaza are reserved for special events and are worth a visit for photography buffs.
  7. Guanghua Digital Plaza- Taipei is known for its technology and electronic gadgets. If you are a techie, make your way to Guanghua Digital Plaza. This six-story building is loaded with technology vendors selling all kinds of gadgets from wireless earphones, to home devices and phone accessories. All kinds of brands and price points are available.
  8. Taipei Botanical Gardens-Taipei is known for being crowded and full of hustle and bustle. A great place to escape it is the Taipei Botanical Garden. Located behind the National Museum of History the gardens are known for their lotus ponds and superb variety of florals. For more than one hundred years, the gardens have been in existence and are enjoyed by generations of Taiwanese natives and visitors.
  9. Longshan Temple- One of the most popular temples in Taipei is the Longshan Temple. Deemed to be on of the top tourist attractions in Taipei, it was built in 1738. Longshan Temple is the largest and most dramatic of the temples. It has a waterfall located directly outside the entrance and is an official Buddhist place of worship.
  10. Shilin Night Market- Bring your appetite and head over to the Shilin Night Market. The most impressive collection of food vendors serving local favorites and Taiwanese snacks. This night market is known for its fried chicken steak, tempura, tofu, and boba tea. A must try is the oyster omelet which is made with oysters covered in sticky dough and deep fried.



How do I Begin Planning and When do I Purchase My Tickets?


You are ready to start planning! You have researched what first class tickets to Taiwan offer passengers. You know which airport you will use as your destination airport. You have an idea of a few things to see and do during your vacation. Now, all you need to do is set your budget, determine when you can travel, and log on to a travel website to begin pricing out international first class tickets to Taiwan.  If you find the cost of first class is too high for your budget, consider looking at traveling during a different time of year. Seasoned travelers know that the high travel season brings higher prices, longer lines, and really crowded tourist areas. If you can travel at a different time of the year, like the fall or winter, consider moving your trip to these dates. You need to check the weather in Taiwan and make sure it is conducive to your plans.


Lastly, before you book or purchase any part of your vacation read and understand the refund policy and the terms and conditions of your tickets. Vacations should be enjoyable and relaxing, doing your homework and research before you buy is the first step. You are less likely to be disappointed if you know exactly what you are buying before you buy it. Happy planning!

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