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Business Class travel is a wonderful alternative to coach and economy flights. If you are looking for a step up from economy travel, but don’t want to pay the high cost of first-class flights, a business class flight might be a good choice for you. An international business class ticket to Germany will provide you with a larger seat, added privacy, great in-flight meals, and shorter lines throughout the airport. A great option to find cheap and inexpensive business class tickets to Germany is to compare fares on a travel website.

Germany is a great example of a European country that offers several different airports in major cities. Select either the Frankfort Airport (FRA), the Munich Airport (MUC), or the Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL) as the destination for your trip. Last minute planners can find some amazing deals on unbooked seats and the flexibility of traveling to one of three airports improves your chances of finding business class tickets to Germany that fit your budget, or any budget really. A little effort can help you find great deals on international business class flights to Germany.

Business Class Benefits

If you haven’t traveled business class in a while, you will be amazed at how improved the services are. Business Class travelers use many of the same benefits as the first class travelers, but business class tickets cost much less than first class tickets. You will receive increased checked-in baggage limits and get access to the Club Lounges at the airport. So, pack everything you want to bring on your trip, you won’t be penalized at the airport for it! You should check the exact baggage requirements before you book your flight because they do vary based on the type of airplane you are traveling on. You can also pre-board your flight.

No waiting in line at the gate, just walk on to your flight and take your time stowing your belongings. The business class flight attendants will help you hang your sports coat or jackets and you will be amazed at the added space around your seat. Complimentary alcohol is part of your business class airfare, so say “yes” to the champagne and if champagne isn’t your beverage of choice, ask for your favorite drink.

Your seat will be wider, deeper, and have more space between it and the passenger next to you. The best part about business class travel to Germany is your seat will lay flat and become a really comfortable bed. Sleeping on the flight is the best way to condition yourself to the change in time zones. You can plan an activity for the day you arrive in Germany because you will have slept on the way there. Plan on using your first day to see your favorite sights rather than spending it sleeping at your hotel.

At the airport, you can also use the Club Lounges that are provided for preferred, first class, and business class travelers. These lounges are a type of VIP only rest area that generally has a bar, tables, recliners, and full use restrooms. Eat a meal, drink a bit, and relax. If you have any last minute tasks to complete before your flight, you can take care of those here. If you’ve been traveling for days and need a refreshing shower, you can do that here too. The lounges are a great feature of business class travel, definitely take advantage of all that they have to offer.

Why Germany?

Germany offers a lot for tourists to see and do. This metropolitan country offers scenic vistas, great outdoor adventures, amazing cuisine, and cosmopolitan downtown areas. The public transportation is plentiful and efficient, so getting around Germany is a snap and the people are eager to help you and tell you what the best things are to see and do in their country.

 Things to Do When You Are in Germany-

  1.  Regensburg- This town dates back to 179 A.D. when the Romans founded it and is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. This is a wonderfully preserved town and they haven’t made many structural or architectural changes. It’s as if you went back in time to the Middle Ages and is a really great experience.
  2. Quedlinburg- Similar to Regensburg in old world charm, this town dates back to the 9th Quedlinburg is made up of a group of tiny villages and is a maze of cobblestone streets. Small churches, fun cafes, and restaurants make up the village. A picturesque town with colorful houses and small front yard gardens. This makes for a nice afternoon of walking.
  3. Weimar Museums- Weimar is a town that is over 1,000 years old. Artists and philosophers flocked to Weimar. People like Nietzsche, Bach, Goethe and more spent a lot of time here. There are numerous museums in Weimer to explore. It is considered the center for German Enlightenment.
  4. Schlenkerla Brewery- Head to Bamberg’s Schlenkerla Brewery for some authentic German beer. This is some of the best beer in Germany and you can enjoy a German sausage or two as well. The beer is put in wooden barrels and served right out of them at this brewery and tavern. The town itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well. The town is part of what is considered southern Germany’s Center of Enlightenment.
  5. Trier- Officially the oldest town in Germany at 2,000 years old, this was home to six Roman emperors. It has many ancient remnants that have been historically preserved. The town is located along the Moselle river valley. There are numerous villages and vineyards that surround the town.
  6. Brandenburg Gate- This gate is located toward the end of Unter den Linden and once was a gate between West and East Berlin on the Berlin Wall. It was an impenetrable gate with guards on either side and it was a symbol of the oppression and the division between the areas. Nowadays, the gate is a symbol of peace and unity but a powerful reminder of those dark days.
  7. Transportation in Germany- Public transportation is very accessible in Germany. The major cities such as Berlin and Munich consist of interconnected systems. There is the U-Bahn which is an underground train serving many metropolitan cities and the S-Bahn which is the above ground train to get you from a major city to city. There are also buses and trams. Buses are self-explanatory, but trams are similar to buses, but on specific tracks within the city. Trams are the oldest form of public transport in Germany.
  8. Autobahn- There is much confusion and mystery around the legendary German Autobahn. Really it is just a bunch of long highways like any major roadway in any country. The reality is that they do have speed limits and are often congested. However, there are some “dynamic speed limits” as you get farther away from major towns where speed limits are suggested and you can approach maximum speeds if you are so inclined.
  9. FC Bayern Munchen- Soccer is huge in Germany. By far the most popular sport where it is an expectation that Germany has a shot to win the World Cup every four years. As far as the best professional soccer team, that would belong currently to FC Bayern Munchen who plays at Allianz Arena in Munich. This stadium is amazing! FC Bayern Munchen plays in the top German football league which is called
  10. Famous Germans- There is a long list of famous Germans from the stages of Hollywood to sports and politics. Boris Becker is considered one of the most successful tennis players of all time. We all know of Anne Frank and her significance. From entertainment, there is Heidi Klum and Kirsten Dunst. From the world of politics, Henry Kissinger is also from Germany. You can look up these celebrities favorite places in Germany and go visit the star’s favorites.


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