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Consider trying business class travel for your next trip to Korea. International business class flights to Korea are becoming more affordable and now you can find business class tickets to fit any budget. If you are planning a last minute trip, you can find cheap and inexpensive business class tickets to Korea using a travel website. These websites offer great deals on unbooked seats. Korea’s airport, Incheon International Airport (ICN) is extremely busy and works with all major carriers, so finding a flight that works with your schedule will not be a problem. ICN is also called Seoul-Incheon International Airport. Set your budget and begin your search for business class flights to Korea, you will not be disappointed in the luxuries that business travel provides and business class tickets are a great way to sample what more expensive classes of travel provide.


Business Class Amenities

Business class tickets to Korea will allow you to arrive in Korea already adjusted to the time change. Your seat in business class converts into a bed so you will be able to sleep on the flight. You will also have more privacy than you get in the economy and coach seating. The bed, plus the privacy, are great advantages on long flights. You will also get lots of pillows, luxurious blankets, and an eye mask. So, business class travel is comfortable and relaxing, but the food and drinks served in business class are amazing too. The food is as good as you will find in any restaurant and the alcohol includes top-shelf brands and champagne. Snacks and many dessert choices are also included.


Another benefit is the checked in bag allowances. This benefit does vary based on the airline you are traveling, so definitely check before you purchase your ticket, but in general, business class travelers are allowed to bring more checked in bags with greater weight limits without being penalized. If you tend to overpack or are traveling during a season where the weather requires layers and temperatures fluctuate, this can be a huge benefit.


You can preboard your flight and stow your belongings before other passengers too. It is nice to be able to skip the lines and hassles of the entire plane boarding at once. You can get to your seat, place your belongings in an organized fashion, relax and order a drink while the rest of the plane loads.


How to Find Discounted Fares to Korea

You can find inexpensive business class flights to Korea on many travel websites or through a travel agent. Always check the terms and conditions before you purchase. Websites like FlightsLux offer per- and post-purchase support and specialize in international business class and first class travel. Many websites offer quick and easy ways to compare the cost of different flights throughout the day and they allow you to compare air carriers.


Another way to find great deals on business class tickets is to ask your friends and other travelers about their experiences traveling business class, first class, and economy plus. Also ask them about different airlines and their experiences with amenities, benefits, frequent traveler programs, and customer service. Once you’ve found a business class ticket that fits your budget, make sure you check the restrictions on the ticket prior to purchasing.


Our Favorite Things to See and Do During While in Korea

  1. Best Cafe- It’s like you are in New York’s Brooklyn neighborhood when you step into this converted warehouse called Daelim Changgo. Changgo means warehouse. And this venue makes it a must-see destination for the chic and hip crowd. Whether you want some of the best coffee in Seoul, a wood-fired pizza or a beer, this café hits the spot. Hang out in the huge warehouse and enjoy some of the art and sculptures on the wall. There is also an interior garden which gives the feeling you are outside.
  2. Best Restaurant- The Neo-Korean cuisine restaurant Jungsik was voted best restaurant in Seoul and Top 25 in Asia. The restaurant is named after the chef-owner Yim Jungsik. Reservations are almost always acquired so try to plan at least one month in advance of your trip. A combination of traditional cuisine with modern twists that will leave you speechless.
  3. Hwaseong- Surrounding the town of Suwon is the Hwaseong fortress wall that surrounds almost the entire city. The wall is almost 6 kilometers long and has four majestic gates, observation towers, and command posts. It was completed in 1796. It is comprised of mud, stone blocks and grey bricks. It takes about two hours to walk around the compound and see all the incredible detail.
  4. Deoksugung- Deoksugung is one of the five palaces of the Joseon dynasty. It is the only palace that is lit up at night and allows you to visit. At the main gate, you can witness the very popular changing of the guard. It became the official residence of Korean royalty in 1593 when all the other palaces were destroyed by the Japanese. A lot of different architectural styles adorned with dragons and gold.
  5. Insadong- Insadong is a small neighborhood in central-Seoul where a tourist can find anything Korean from traditional clothing to ceramic goods. About 50% of all Korean crafts are sold here in this one neighborhood. Alleyways are filled with unique street vendors. Surrounding the street vendors are storefronts that consist of galleries, restaurants and tea houses.
  6. National Museum of Korea- Modern and open architecture, full of concrete, glass and sharp edges with clean lines is the National Museum of Korea. The Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1897, is the most popular time period offered in the museum. The best exhibits include the Baekje Incense Burner and the Golden Treasures from the Great Tomb of Hwangham.
  7. Bongeun-sa- Located in the Gangnam district are the shrines and halls of the Buddhist temple Bongeun-sa. The Gangnam district is a very glitzy, modern area with high-rises and boutique shopping which is in sharp contrast to the Bongeun-sa temples that were built in 794. The massive Buddha statue is 23 meters tall and is a must see. Panjeon is the oldest temple in Korea and houses 150-year-old wood blocks with Buddhist scriptures carved into them over the years by the monks.
  8. Noryangjn Fish Market- Korea’s largest fish market is the Noryangin Fish Market. This is a state of the art facility and home to over 700 vendors serving anything fish. Auctions start here in the morning around 1 a.m. if you want to battle with the local restaurateurs for the best fish. However, you can also get a great selection around dinner time where you can pick out fresh fish and bring to local restaurants who will flavor and cook up your fish along with some delectable side dishes.
  9. Namdaemun Market- The largest open-air market in all of Korea is the Namdaemun Market. It goes on all day and evening. It has hundreds and hundreds of food stalls on multiple levels. The shopping covers everything from souvenirs, accessories, and clothing to incredible food like kalguksunoodles and bibimbap. Street level shopping has knock-off brands for things like handbags, luggage, watches, and clothing.
  10. Namsan Park- For six hundred years this portion of the city was protected by a large wall and warning beacons would sound if intruders were on their way but now Namsan Park is a tourist attraction with a beautiful park, shopping, an aquarium and a number of walking trails.


Now that you know how to find a business class ticket to Korea and where to begin looking for your ticket, you can start planning your trip. Good luck and safe travels!

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