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Now is a great time to try a first class flight to the Netherlands. This historic country is full of fun things to do all year round. Great deals on first class tickets to the Netherlands can be found on the internet or through your local travel agent. Cheap and inexpensive first class flights to the Netherlands are available year round, but you have a better chance of finding really affordable first class tickets during the offseason. The Netherlands offers indoor and outdoor activities for tourists, so you can see many great sights during any season. Check the weather patterns and decide if off-season travel is for you. If you are a last minute traveler or have flexibility, which days of the week and what time of the day are you available to travel? You can find some amazing deals, that fit virtually any budget if you are flexible. First class flights to the Netherlands are very comfortable and a great way to begin your vacation the moment you enter the airport.


How to Begin Looking for First Class Tickets


To begin your search for first class tickets to the Netherlands use Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) as your destination airport. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, AMS is the Netherland’s largest international airport and is located just outside of Amsterdam in North Holland. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, AMS, is your best option to find affordable first class flights to the Netherlands.


The day of the week that you travel on also has a great effect on the price of your ticket. If you can, it makes sense to check the cost of different seats on different flights. Look for flights at varying times as well, as the time of departure also impacts the cost of first class tickets to the Netherlands.


Why Travel to the Netherlands


The Netherlands consists of 12 provinces and the landscape is flat. This flat landscape makes it the perfect environment for bicycle excursions and walking tours. There are many beautiful parks and coastlines you can explore. The coastline is vast and extremely beautiful and walking and bike riding are relatively inexpensive activities, so you do not have to spend a lot of money to see this amazing country.


Holland is part of the Netherlands, two of the provinces to be exact. The Netherlands has a population of more than 17 million people, so the number of neighborhoods and sights to see are limitless. Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. The Netherlands national color is orange and the 17 million residents speak Dutch.


Ten Amazing Sights to See in the Netherlands


  1. The Canals of Amsterdam- Amsterdam has a very lively canal system. The waterways are an important part of daily life in Amsterdam. Waterways are like streets in Amsterdam and you can explore routes with a boat tour or water taxi. If you don’t want to hop on a boat, many of the waterways have pedestrian walkways along the banks. Lively shops and restaurants make the canals a great place to take a stroll.
  2. Keukenhof- Is also known as the Garden of Europe. Tulips are the signature flower of the Netherlands and this garden is the largest public garden in the world. Many varieties of flowers cover more than 70 acres of land.
  3. Zaanse Schans- This Dutch village is like you are stepping into the 17th century and seeing what life would be like 400 years ago. There is a shipyard, an old pewter factory, and small green wooden houses to see. There are still five working windmills in Zaanse Schans. You can spend the day making clogs with craftsman in the village.
  4. Rijksmuseum- The Dutch National Museum houses an amazing collection of art dating back to 1809. The museum features more than 7 million items and 5,000 paintings. It also has more than 35,000 books in its collection. Much of the art is focused on Dutch artifacts, so if you are looking for Dutch history, this is the place.
  5. Grote Kerk- Located in The Hague is this church that was built from red bricks in the Gothic style during the 13th It burned to the ground in 1539 but was rebuilt to its current state. The church hosts baptisms of many of the Dutch royal family. It is home to the highest bell tower in Holland.
  6. The Village of Marken- If visiting a picture postcard type of tiny village is on your to-do list, then definitely plan on seeing the Village of Marken. Located in a beautiful village by a lake, this small fishing village offers small painted wooden houses and hosts many summer festivals. Local forge traditional crafts, like clog making, it truly offers a step back in time.
  7. Anne Frank Museum- This museum is one of the most famous landmark attractions in Amsterdam. The museum is in the former home of Anne Frank, who is famous for hiding from the Nazis during the Second World War. Her diary was found in the home and has become one of the most important books in the world. The Diary of Anne Frank is read by the high school students in the United States. Her home has been restored and her hiding place remains much as it would have been during the war.
  8. Windmills of Kinderdijk- A Unesco World Heritage Site, the beautiful windmills date back to the 1700’s. A total of 19 windmills are in full operation here. It is like stepping back in time to a simpler life.
  9. Heineken Museum and Brewery- Many people come to Amsterdam to experience the Heineken brewery. If you want to learn about how Heineken beer is made, the bottling process, the different logos of the brand, and of course a tasting session, you should plan on visiting Heineken Museum and Brewery.
  10. Edam- Visit the city of Edam which is also the name of the cheese that they manufacture here. Famous for its red-hued rind and signature round shape, this cheese is synonymous with The Netherlands. Edam is a beautiful town that dates back to the 12th century and has a number of cheese sites to visit. You can learn how the cheese is made as well as attend a tasting session.


Planning Time!


Now that you know a little bit about things to see and do in the Netherlands and you know some facts about the landscape and the coastlines, it’s time to begin planning your trip. Set aside some time and really explore travel websites. FlightsLux is one website that specializes in first class and business class travel. You can also explore the different luxuries and comforts provided by first class and business class travel. First class flights to the Netherlands are a real luxury and when you find first class tickets at an affordable price, it can really make your trip extra special.


Airlines are in a competition to offer the best first class travel experience to their passengers. Check out what each air carrier offers and what the different aircraft offer before you purchase your tickets. Also, make sure you completely understand the restrictions on your first class ticket to the Netherlands before you click the “purchase” button. Your vacations are an investment and you want to get the most out of your free time without having to sacrifice anything along the way. If the website you are using doesn’t offer support after you purchase the ticket, consider it a red flag and move one. It’s important to know what you are buying. Cancellations happen. Last minute changes happen. You need to know what to expect when the unexpected arises. Now that you are armed with the facts, it is time to start planning!

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