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Many travelers are choosing to pay the higher cost of first class air travel because of the added comfort and convenience first class travel provides.  First class cabin amenities onboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) flight include luxurious new suite amenities and a redesigned first class seat. The first class seat will convert into a bed and the first class suites provide ample room for storage, enough space to relax. First class cabin amenities vary based on aircraft, but you always find enough privacy so you can sleep soundly throughout your flight.


First Class Cabin Amenities

The JAL Suite in the JAL first class cabin offers a large space, excellent dining, and an abundance of entertainment. The redesign of the JAL First Class Suites made the seat 20% more spacious than the airline’s previous first class seat. The JAL first class seat, called the Skysleeper Solo Seat, lays flat to become a very comfortable bed and the area around the seat is enhanced with high-end finishes and strategically configured to offer passengers a maximum amount of space and privacy. There are only eight suites available in the JAL First Class cabin set in a 1-2-1 configuration.


The JAL Suite features a leather seat with 5-inch wide, well-padded armrests and with the touch of a button the seat transforms into a bed. In the horizontal position, the seat and ottoman create one of the largest and most comfortable sleeping areas in first class. When the seat is in the upright position, the space is large enough for two people and the ottoman can be used as a seat if you are working with someone on a work project. The first class suites are large enough for two people to work comfortably or enjoy a meal together. The first class suites also include a large sliding table and depending on the cabin configuration, privacy partitions.
JAL provides passengers with Bose noise-canceling headphones and entertainment is viewed on a personal 19-inch television screen. First class passengers can choose from the latest movies, music, and games using JAL’s state-of-the-art audio-visual-on-demand (AVOD) in-flight entertainment system.

The first class suites on JAL flights also include lots of storage space for your personal belongings. There are compartments for bags and small items, a large side shelf, literature pockets, and a laptop area.

Dining in the JAL first class cabin is a restaurant-like experience where passengers can order whatever they like at a time that suits them. It’s on-demand eating where you order what you like when you want it. There are no fixed meal times in the JAL First Class Suites. First class cabin passengers can set their dining schedule at the beginning of their flight choosing from full-course menus and a la carte items. The full course and a la carte menus can be combined too.

Japan Airlines offers first class passengers a choice of Japanese and Western full-course menus. The Western menu offers three entrees, two regular items, and one healthy option. Passengers in the JAL first class suites can select more health-conscious items including tailoring items to come without sauces, cheese, and other condiments.

First class passengers can also sample seasonally changing flavors from a traditional Kyoto-style menu known as kaiseki-ryori. Dining in the First Class Suites is served with great attention to detail as well. Food is plated on bone china dishes and Chinese menu selections are arranged in a traditional two-tiered bento (lunch) box. The a la carte menu contains about a dozen dishes including low calorie, healthy, and vegetarian options, known as shojin ryori in Japanese, which is commonly served in Zen Buddhist temples.

JAL also uses classic tableware to enhance the JAL Suite dining experience. Many of the menu items were created by master craftspeople including chopsticks made from a Japanese cypress tree, and unique porcelain mugs crafted from Hasami, Nagasaki which are exclusive for JAL.

The mattresses used in the JAL First Class Suites is exclusive for JAL and made by Tempur-Pedic International Inc., a company whose products have been recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation. The TEMPUR mattresses mold to your body’s contours to create a comfortable, custom sleeping experience. The mattresses were created to offer the best support and promote a deep sleeping condition. Flight attendants will set up your mattress, which fits perfectly on top of the first class suite seats. Flight attendants will make up your bed with a with a down comforter and a choice of pillow. First class passengers can choose between a Symphony Pillow made of soft TEMPUR or a down pillow.

JAL also provides exquisite loungewear for first class suite passengers. The loungewear consists of a cardigan embossed with a gold-colored JAL First Class logo and matching pants made from 100% pure cotton. The loungewear is also exclusive for JAL first class suite passengers and is made by designer Aoshi Kudo.


JAL continues to upgrade and offer additional first class cabin amenities. The airline prides itself on fine products and personalized service. For complete information about JAL first class cabin amenities and cabin configuration onboard their aircraft, check the JAL website or consult with your travel agent for specific aircraft amenities. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

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