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International business class flights to Thailand are a great way to enjoy the long flight to this ancient country. International business class tickets can be found at great prices on travel websites. Using a travel website, you can look for great deals, even cheap and inexpensive tickets can be found if you are flexible in when you can travel.

There are international business class flights to Thailand priced to work with any budget. So, before you opt for a standard coach or economy ticket to Thailand, spend some time checking out all of your options. Last minute travelers can even find great deals on cheap business class tickets to Thailand.

Which Airport in Thailand is the Most Popular?

Use Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK as your destination airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK is your best bet to find inexpensive first class flights to Thailand. This airport is sometimes called the Bangkok Airport and is one of two airports serving the Bangkok area.

The other airport is Don Mueang International Airport. DMK. Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK is a regional hub for aviation. This large airport offers excellent amenities for business class travelers and there are an abundance of flights landing and departing from this airport daily. You will have an excellent opportunity to find great deals on first class flights using Suvarnabhumi Airport, BKK.

Ten Things You Can’t Miss in Thailand

  1. Thai Traffic-The traffic in Bangkok is some of the most congested and awful traffic in the world. You will sit at lights that turn red to green and back to red without moving. It will take hours to get through some popular streets. You will see men, women, and children all on one moped barefooted without helmets. Mopeds, motorcycles, and taxis are the best way to beat the traffic and there aren’t many traffic laws in Thailand so you have to stay alert. It can be a frightening ride, so take the sky train whenever possible. A motorcycle taxi will leave a lasting impression on you!
  2. Night at Bangla Road- When the sun sets and nighttime hits the streets of Bangla Road, it changes dramatically and is magically transformed. During the day it is full of traffic and cars. At night, the roads are closed to traffic and the street comes alive. The street is full of bars, most of which are outdoors and seem to blend into each other into one extremely long bar top. It can difficult to distinguish where one establishment begins and another one ends. Street entertainers are everywhere and some are very talented. Prices are extremely competitive as restaurant owners are competing against each other.
  3. Vimanmek Mansion- The world’s largest teakwood building was once the home to some of the royal family. This mansion has been vacant for the past few decades and is now a museum. Many Thai artifacts and an interesting photography collection of the royal family are housed here. You can take photos outside of the mansion, but cameras are not allowed inside. Like many of the temples in Bangkok, strict dress codes are enforced so make sure to cover your skin as much as possible.
  4. Counterfeit Brands- Bangkok is world famous for vendors selling knock-off designer goods. There are all variations of knock-off quality from street vendors selling cheap imitations with misspelled brand names to those specializing in high-end knockoffs. There are hidden stores located behind the “normal” storefronts where you can purchase clothing, sunglasses, watches, and handbags from the finest brands in the world (although these items are not manufactured by the finest brands). Some knockoffs can be relatively expensive meaning you could still pay a few hundred dollars for a handbag, but the real handbag would cost $10,000 for the real thing.
  5. Phuket Big Buddha- Sitting at the top of Nakkerd Hills and standing at an enormous forty five meters tall, this Buddha statue can be seen from much of the valley in Phuket. It is the most famous landmark in all of Phuket. There is a viewing platform where you will get panoramic views of the Island of Phuket. The Buddha itself is made of white Burmese marble with a backdrop of the water and it is an impressive site to see.
  6. Grand Palace- Arguably the most visited tourist attraction in Bangkok is the Grand Palace. The palace was at one point the home of the king as well as the administrative office of the government. There are more than 200,000 square meters to visit. Be careful that you are paying your entrance fee to an officially licensed worker as there are many scam artists posing as gate workers.
  7. Siam Paragon- If you are high-end shopper then you’ve hit the jackpot here at the Siam Paragon. A very popular shopping mall that is home to most of the world’s high-end fashion designers like Kate Spade, Gucci, Rolex, and Ferragamo. The mall is an entertainment destination and houses Southeast Asia’s largest aquarium, a movie theater and a ton of restaurants. If you feel like picking up a luxury car, Lamborghini and Ferrari have dealerships here as well.
  8. Nana Plaza Soi 4- Located just outside the BTS station is an outdoor street market of a different type. This is probably the largest sex market in the world. Here you will stroll the streets with what looks like a flea market in the middle of the street with vendor stalls selling knock-off purses and sunglasses. The street is home to many gogo bars that look like indoor/outdoor bars but the “patrons” are young Thai women selling sex. Definitely a walk on the wild side, it is almost a tourist attraction to walk through the streets, have a drink, and take in some people watching. Thai men walk the streets and try to get you to enter their establishment while handing out flyers that are advertisements for sex in their bar.
  9. Bangkok National Museum- Home to the largest collection of Thai art in Thailand, King Rama V opened this museum as a way to show off all of the gifts that his father had given him. There is a collection of Chinese weapons, precious stones, clothing, textiles, and Khon masks. For English only speakers, they have a tour on Thursdays that is English only.
  10. Erawan Shrine- The Erawan Shrine is located on one of the busiest areas of Bangkok. It is a Brahman shrine and is more popular than many of the temples. Built in the 1950’s the shine was made because construction workers who were building a nearby hotel were so superstitious that the land they were building on was full of spirits and ghosts who were not happy with the construction project that they quit and wouldn’t finish building the hotel. They felt several workplace accidents were the result of the spirits casting spells on them. The shrine honoring the grounds is a four-faced Brahma in gold.

Next Steps and Purchasing my Ticket

Your next steps are where the real work begins. Decide how much money you can realistically spend on your business class tickets to Thailand. Then, determine how much time you have for your trip and if you have any flexibility in the days and times that you travel.

Find a website that you trust and begin entering dates and times for traveling and compare pricing. When you find a flight that works with your budget, read the terms and conditions before you purchase it. Make sure you understand the refund policy. When you are satisfied, select your flight and pay with your credit card. Enjoy your trip to Thailand!

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