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International first class flights to Qatar are a great way to enjoy the long journey to this Arab country. Qatar offers visitors deserts, shorelines, and dunes. Traveling to Qatar’s capital city, Doha, via a first class ticket to Qatar is comfortable and relaxing. You can look for cheap and inexpensive first class tickets to Qatar with a travel agent. Travel websites often offer great deals on international first class flights to Qatar. There are first class tickets to fit any budget, but it can take some time and some flexibility to find the really affordable first class flights to Qatar. Last minute travelers can find great deals too. So, before you buy economy or coach tickets to Qatar, look at first class travel and all of the great luxuries it offers to passengers. The sights in Qatar will keep you very busy and you will want to land ready to be active on Day One. First class flights provide you with the ability to sleep and relax on the flight over.


Which Airport Should I Use for My Ticket Search?

To find first class flights to Qatar use Hamad International Airport, DOH as your destination airport. Hamad Airport, DOH, is located in Qatar and is sometimes called New Doha International Airport or Doha International Airport. This airport opened in 2014 and offers a state-of-the-art experience for travelers. You will have no regrets about sampling the first class amenities at this airport for your journey home. Hamad International Airport works with most major carriers and is very busy so you will not be limited in your selection of international first class flights arriving and departing from here.


Ten Interesting Facts About Qatar


  1. Souq Waqif- The oldest souq in Doha is the Souq Waqif. The outdoor market went through a major remodel in the mid-2000’s and is now regarded as the center of Doha. It is a great place to shop for souvenirs but also a place where locals shop to pick up traditional clothing, food, spices, local pieces of artwork for their homes. Since the Souq is so popular you get a wide variety of vendors. Some of the vendors are selling top quality items while others are selling cheap trinkets to tourists. During the evening is the best time to visit this market. The streets are lined with lights and the crowds really come out at night. Many alleyways are lined with cafes and lounges serving traditional middle-eastern food.
  2. Falcon Souq- If you want a glimpse of history, stop by the Falcon Souq. The sheer size only will give you a sense of its cultural importance. Located just off the Souq Waqif, it has its own arcaded building in Qatari. Don’t be afraid to enter past the falcon shop with its exotic birds, most of them hooded and in black leather sitting on a perch. It can be quite intimidating.
  3. The Pearl- An area of immense wealth. The Pearl is four million square meters and compromises of luxury high-rises, restaurants, shopping and entertainment outlets. The Qanat Quartier is an area that was designed with a Mediterranean influence of colorful houses, canals, walking bridges and friendly squares. People flock to the squares to enjoy the restaurants, bars, cafes, and nightlife. The entire area is built on reclaimed land. You can walk on the promenade to enjoy picturesque views of the water, see the yachts on pristine water or enjoy some of the water sports. Equipment rentals are available all along the promenade.
  4. Belgian Café- If you are looking to go to one of the most famous and popular bars in Qatar head to the Belgian Café. This place has been incredibly popular for decades. Locals and tourists pack this place Thursday through Sunday to enjoy some great bar food and a slew of Belgian and imported European beers. A fun and relaxing place to hang out. The bar staff is very friendly and will help guide you in selecting a beer of your liking.
  5. Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani Museum-A stunning collection of wealth from this sheik who is a distant relative of Qatar’s Emir. It is located 20 miles from Doha. The Sheikh started aggressively collecting when he was only ten years old as he traveled the world with his rich family. In his travels, he has collected everything from ancient religious books to an 18th-century Ottoman bomb. In all the collection has over 15,000 artifacts including boats and vintage U.S. cars. There is even a Syrian house that was shipped here piece by piece and put back together again.
  6. Al Aker- The Al Aker is a famous Arabic and Turkish coffee house. It is known for its great strong coffee but also a number of sweets and bakery items. Try the kunafeh which is crispy or soft pastry filled with cheese and heated up. They are served with warm syrup.
  7. Katara Cultural Village- Just before you get to the Pearl neighborhood is the Katara Cultural Village. This is the hub for Qatar’s cultural scene. A seemingly endless maze of waterways and passageways flow through here where artists reveal their latest works. Anything from paintings, sculptures, films, and photography find their way in. There are a mosque and an outdoor amphitheater, both of which overlook the sea. There is the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra opera house as well. Many of Qatar’s cultural festivals are held here including concerts and plays. There are plenty of international restaurants and cafes.
  8. Argan- One of the best dining experiences in the souq is the Argan. It is actually not located on the main restaurant strip in the souq but has its own dedicated location and it should. The Argan serves classic Moroccan food in a great setting. It has some of the best couscouses you will ever try.
  9. Al-Jassasiya- The rock carvings at Al-Jassasiya are a little-known treasure in Qatar with no signs or directions to let you know you have arrived. But, if you are able to find them, you will have the opportunity to see 1,000 well-preserved petroglyphs, which are cup-shaped holes, depicting boats, fish, turtles, and donkeys. The purpose and exact age of the glyphs is argued amongst scholars but either way, they provide a great glimpse into the history of Qatar and the area. These rock carvings are located about one hour from the capital of Doha.
  10. Sand Dunes- If you are going to visit the Middle East, then no trip would be complete without doing a sand dune climb. You can climb or hike these sand dunes to get great views of the seemingly endless desert and even get spectacular views of the Persian Gulf. If you are a thrill seeker you can also rent dune bugs or ATV’s to cruise around the desert. Remember you are in the desert and the sand can get scorching hot. There is no shade available so bring a hat or umbrella and don’t wear flip-flops or you will for sure burn your feet on the scorching sand. You can also book a tour to spend the night in a luxury Arabian tent, eat locally served food and sleep under the stars.



I Found Tickets, What’s Next?

Once you’ve thoroughly researched the first class cabin configuration on your flight and you’ve asked all of the questions you need to about what other extras a particular airline will provide first class customers, it’s time to purchase. Before buying make sure you read the refund policy and all terms and conditions of your ticket. Air travel is an investment, and first class air travel is a big investment, so double check all of the restrictions on your purchase. Then, once you’re comfortable, purchase your ticket and start planning each day’s activities. The things to see and do in Qatar are varied, so you’ll need to plan accordingly. Check the weather, check with friends who have been to Qatar, make a list and start booking activities. Safe Travels!

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