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If you’re thinking about purchasing first class tickets for your next vacation, consider booking your flight with British Airways. British Airways offers incredible first class cabin amenities, a comfortable first class seat, and excellent customer service. The first class cabin amenities on a British Airways flight are elegant and include ample space and the food and entertainment will help occupy long hours of traveling. The first class seat turns into a comfy bed, with enough privacy to allow you to sleep soundly on your trip. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, British Airways first class cabin amenities and first class seats will help you arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and ready to tackle work or play.

At the Airport

Your first class experience begins at the airport where first class passengers use British Airways premium customer check-in service that expedites you through the security checkpoints. The exclusive and attentive service is a hallmark of British Airways staff, first class passengers are not expected to wait in lines. First class passengers also enjoy greater baggage requirements than business class, economy, and coach passengers.


Baggage allowances in first class include one cabin bag plus a laptop or purse and up to three checked in bags. British Airways can pick up your bags at your London location and check them in for your flight.


If you are traveling from London Heathrow Terminal 5 you can use British Airways First Wing which will speed up the process of getting through the airport. The First Wing offers a private check-in area, two exclusive security lanes, and a direct walkway leading to the Galleries First Lounge and the Concorde Room.


First class passengers can use the luxurious lounges at the airport. Check-in with the lounge attendant and enter the lounge to enjoy gourmet meals, quick bites, and snacks. There are bar areas and lots of different seating arrangements reserved for first class passengers. Some lounges offer spa treatments as well. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the amenities. The attendant will contact you when it is time to head over to your gate and board your flight. If there are any changes to your flight, the attendant will notify you of the change.


The elegant departure lounges offer food, wine, and drinks, and also a range of business facilities for when you need to finish that presentation or finalize project details.


If you are traveling from London Heathrow (LHR), first-class passengers are invited to the exclusive Concorde Room, found in Terminal 5 (Heathrow) and New York’s JFK Terminal 7. The Concorde Room has discreet booths, full waiter service, private cabanas, and a state of the art business suite.


You can freshen up and get ready for whatever your day holds at these facilities as there are showers and clothes pressing services.


Also available at Heathrow (LHR) and JFK is the Elemis Spa. This spa offers exclusive treatments and skin therapies. A complimentary 15-minute treatment is available for first class and business (Club World) cabins. If you are within 28 days of your departure you can pre-book a treatment. Spas are located at London Heathrow in Terminal 5A South, Terminal 5B departure lounge, Terminal 5 Arrivals lounge, and Terminal 3 departure lounge. At New York JFK the Elemis Spa is located in Terminal 7.

Treatments are available during hours of operation and the minimum age for a treatment s 18.


First Class Cabin Amenities


Next, you can preboard your flight and settle into your seat at your leisure. The first class cabin provides a private spacious seating area for passengers. The sophisticated and contemporary cabin is staffed by veteran flight attendants who will attend to all of your needs and help you convert your seat into a six feet, six-inch bed when you are ready to sleep. The bed will be made up with a quilted mattress, white cotton duvet, and a pillow. Soft cotton pajamas are also provided. You can sleep soundly due to the ample privacy allowed by expertly configured aircraft cabins.


British Airways provides a Liberty London amenity kit containing Aromatherapy Associates essentials that will help you feel refreshed during your flight. The first class suites include a power supply so you can keep your laptop and electronic devices charged and ready to go.


British Airways first class service onboard their Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft offers views of the horizon from every seat. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner’s are also equipped with soft mood lighting and is quieter than other aircraft. On the 787-9 the first class cabin has just eight seats compared to the normal 14. It also offers extra storage space, seats have a one-button recline function, ergonomic headrest, and lumbar adjustment. The Dreamliner also features a larger screen for viewing entertainment programs and movies and a touchscreen handset.


Food and Drinks


The menu offered in the first class cabin on a British Airways flight is restaurant quality and available when you are ready. British Airways works with some of the world’s top chefs to offer breakfast, lunch, dinner, and classic English afternoon tea. All menu items are made with the best seasonal ingredients and the menu and selections change seasonally. There is also an a la carte menu and lighter selections to choose from. British Airways has a wide selection of champagnes, wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Breakfast menu choices include a classic English or continental breakfast, smoothies, yogurts, cereals, and pastries. If sleeping on your flight is your priority, flight attendants can bring you an express breakfast closer to landing to maximize your sleeping time.


Other menus offered include a starter, main course, desserts and a cheese platter with fresh fruit and chocolate. You can also choose your meal in advance 30 days to 24 hours before your flight.


Inflight Entertainment


The first class cabin is home to great in-flight entertainment. First class passengers enjoy endless hours of movies, documentaries, television programs, music, audiobooks, and games. Each seat has its own 15-inch screen and noise-canceling headphones. There is a USB port and an RCA jack for your laptop, iPod, or digital camera.


First class is constantly changing and being upgraded. Check with your travel agent or travel website to confirm onboard amenities prior to purchasing your tickets.


About British Airways


British Airways i360 is the tallest moving observation tower in the world. It has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most slender tower. British Airways is the world’s largest operator of Boeing’s 747-400. This wide body Boeing plane is a four-engine jet that is known for its upper deck and has the nickname “Jumbo Jet”. The world’s first supersonic passenger commercial flight was operated jointly by British Airways and Air France. In January of 1976, British Airways operated the flight which was from London Heathrow to Bahrain. The “Concorde” made its first transatlantic crossing in 1973, but that was without passengers. After that, British Airways operated a daily flight to Washington, D.C. from London and added New York the following year. This plane was able to fly at twice the speed of sound and a typical London to New York flight would take about 3 ½ hours as opposed to an 8-hour subsonic flight.


Unfortunately, a lot of people still associate British Airways with a major IT failure in 2017 that caused British Airways to cancel more than 1,000 flights in one day. At Heathrow Airport alone, British Airways canceled 406 flights.


For a complete list of first class amenities consult the British Airways website. First class amenities and first class seats vary based on aircraft and destination.

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