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International first class flights to the continent of Africa are becoming more affordable. Many consumers are finding cheap and inexpensive prices for first class tickets to the continent of Africa through travel agents and travel websites. Great deals for packages that include first class flights and hotel accommodations are also available for trips to the continent of Africa.


Traveling first class with plans to see an entire continent can be very satisfying. Many travelers choose to fly first class for the beginning and end to their continent travels. In between the first and final flights, many travelers choose to travel via trains, ferries, and buses so they can see more of the landscapes of the countries they are passing through. A vacation to the continent of Africa can take as long as you can afford or desire, so it is nice that consumers can set their budget, allocate their time, and book excursions based on geographic location.


International first class tickets to the continent of Africa provide great luxuries and conveniences for the beginning and end to your continent vacation. The luxury of first class flights can get your vacation off on the right foot. Consider the gourmet food, complimentary cocktails, and added privacy that first class travel provides. You will be able to sleep in flight and land feeling like you’ve been at a spa for a day and a night.


Ten Great Facts About Africa


  1. Tallest Building- The tallest building in Africa is in Johannesburg which is the Carlton Centre and it stands 223 meters tall. There are numerous buildings that would break this record, but they are still in the planning and proposal stage.
  2. Largest Population- Nigeria has the largest population in Africa with 181,563,000 citizens. Ethiopia and Egypt are second and third. There are a total of 54 countries in Africa. About 16% of Africa’s total population lives in Nigeria. This is the 7th most populated country in the world.
  3. Highest GDP- The African continent is rich in natural resources. Here you will find oil, diamonds, gold, and uranium. Nigeria is the largest at $376 billion with Egypt very close in the 2nd Besides oil, Nigeria is also known for its rubber and cocoa exports.
  4. Oldest Average Age- Suriname is the oldest at 29.8 and South Africa comes in at 27.1 years of age. With better access to medicine and hospital facilities, these two countries are the two oldest. While not old in world terms, it is for Africa.
  5. Smallest Population- Seychelles is the smallest populated country in Africa with less than a 100,000 people. This is such a small county that it ranks as the 17th smallest country in the world. Almost split 50/50 amongst men and women.
  6. Smallest GDP- Based on a per capita basis, the Central African Republic has the lowest GDP in Africa. It ranks in at only $681 per year per citizen. An incredible amount of poverty here with agriculture being the only real revenue producer.
  7. Youngest Average Age- Uganda has the youngest age in Africa where the average is only 15.8 years of age. High mortality rates along with high birth rates keep this number down. One of the youngest average ages in the world.
  8. Largest Employer- Sasol is the largest employer in Africa with $11.9 billion in annual sales. It is a chemical company based in Sandton, South Africa. Formed in 1950, they have offices all over the world and sell synthetic fuel technologies, fuels, and chemicals.
  9. Most Foreigners- The United Nations states that Nigeria has at least 7,000 refugees mostly of Liberian origin. However, there are other popular destinations like South Africa, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Sudan. In addition, the economic and politic turmoil in Nigeria has led to bombings and other violence that could slow down this immigration trend.
  10. Warmest Temperature- In Africa, which tends to be extremely hot in the summertime, Dalloi, Ethiopia holds the record for the hottest average temperatures which clocks in at 33.9 degrees Celsius throughout the year. The hottest day ever recorded in Africa was a staggering 57.8 degrees in Aziziya, Libya back in 1922.


Purchasing Tickets and Next Steps


Consider using a travel website that specializes in packaged vacations or first class travel. FlightsLux is a website that specializes in first class and business class tickets. This site offers 24-hour support and can save you money on first class airfare. Look for websites that work with all major air carriers and allow you to compare the cost of different flights. If you are willing and able to travel in the offseason or at non-peak times of the day and night, you can find very inexpensive first class tickets to the continent of Africa.


Always take the time to read and understand the restrictions on your vacation before you purchase any airline tickets or book hotel accommodations. The terms and conditions of your tickets should be readily available and your questions should be addressed in a timely manner. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but complications with traveling do happen and you need to make sure you are covered in case of a postponement or emergency cancellation. You can purchase travel insurance at different levels of coverage, ask your travel agent for more details on travel insurance. Vacations can be an investment, so take your time and know what you’re getting in to before you sign on the dotted line. Then, when you are ready, take a deep breath and book your trip. It will be a great experience and we predict, it will not be your last vacation to a continent.

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