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Japan Airlines (JAL) offers many different cabin amenities and configurations for business class travelers. The wider business class seat is only one of a long list business class amenities provided by the air carrier. JAL business class seats provide superior comfort and recline to a flat position. The extra-wide business class seats feature armrests and footrests and many recline with the touch of a button. Other features of the business seat include in-seat power, USB ports, and lighting controls. Business class cabin amenities and many of the seating configurations feature a partition for added privacy, some have a hardshell design allowing passengers a private setting, and some have a table or workspace.


At the Airport

Business Class flights offer travelers a more comfortable and easier journey. A business class ticket on JAL gets you into shorter lines through security and at check-in. You can bring more bags to check in without paying extra money than you can with an economy or coach ticket. You can also bring more carry on items than you can in coach and economy. Your checked in bags will receive priority baggage handling too, so they will be among the first bags to arrive at baggage claim. Traveling business class will save you a lot of time at the airport. Shorter lines at check-in and shorter lines through security, plus you can bring additional bags onboard your flight and you can check more bags in without incurring a penalty fee.

You will also be allowed into the business class lounge at the airport. These lounges are the best part of business class travel on JAL. You can get a free hot meal, find lots of great snacks, and get a soda from the soda machine. There are bars in these lounges that serve great, top-shelf cocktails and you can sit at a table or relax in a recliner or finish work projects. The lounges are a fantastic escape from the noisy airport and a great place to finish making travel plans or just enjoy the view. Plan to spend some time at the lounge before you board your flight. A service attendant will check you into the lounge and will notify you of any changes to your flight, you won’t need to check the flight status boards at all. You will be told when to check in for pre-boarding, which gate to go to, and a ride can be arranged for you if necessary. The lounges are an incredible benefit of business class travel and the attendants are great and super helpful.


Business Class Seats

A business class flight on JAL gets you a lot more than just a really nice seat. It’s larger, deeper and way more comfortable than a coach or economy seat. The flight attendants will bring you blankets, pillows, slippers, restaurant quality meals, free alcohol, unlimited movies, noise canceling earbuds, and anything else you need.


Business Class Cabin Amenities

The food served in the business class cabin is five-star dining offering a varied menu. The food is prepared by master chefs and uses fresh local ingredients. The menu varies based on the destination and season, but it always draws from a full course menu and an a la carte menu. The menus feature Asian delicacies and traditional Western food. Business class passengers can reserve a meal in advance through an online ordering system found on the JAL website. JAL is happy to accommodate special meal requests and dietary restrictions. Business class passengers can request a special meal or a specific meal preparation in advance of their flight on the JAL website. The business class menu always includes healthy options alongside traditional items, side dishes, soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts.


JAL employs a skilled wine advisor to curate their worldwide wine list for business class passengers. The wine list features wines from around the world including some that are exclusive to JAL. JAL also boasts a sake list so passengers can sample fine sake. Flight attendants can pair wine and/or sake to complement your meal. The air carriers also offers sodas, water, juices, coffee, and tea service.


Entertainment in the business class cabin is accessed through JAL’s MAGIC in-flight entertainment system. Passengers receive access to recently released movies, games, and a wide variety of audio content ranging from the latest pop music to rakugo (comic storytelling) performances. Each business class seat is equipped with a personal screen. SONY background noise-canceling headphones are provided by JAL. The headphones enhance the in-flight entertainment. The MAGIC in-flight entertainment system is available on flights between Japan and London, Frankfurt, Paris, Helsinki, Moscow, New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angels, San Diego, Dallas, Vancouver, Sydney, Honolulu, Jakarta, and New Delhi. The entertainment selections on JAL help pass the time on long flights.


JAL offers amenity kits to business class passengers too. These kits contain a variety of personal care items to keep passengers feeling refreshed on their flights. JAL’s original amenity kit was designed through a partnership with ETRO and Tatsumura Textile. Items in the kit vary based on your destination, but most kits contain a lip balm, toothbrush set, moisture mask, earplugs, eye mask (flights from Japan), steam eye mask (flights to Japan), and tissues. Amenity kits are available on routes between Japan and Europe, America except for Hawaii and Guam, Canada, Australia. Slippers are available on all flights. If passengers require additional personal care items, flight attendants are happy to get these. If special items are required, business class passengers can request these items on the JAL website prior to their flight.


Flight attendants can provide business class passengers with loungewear to sleep in if needed.


JAL operates a fleet of Boeing 787-9, 787-8, 777-300ER, 777-200ER, 767-300ER, and 737-800. Passengers can check the JAL website for aircraft seat maps prior to booking their flight.

For more information on business class cabin amenities and business class seats, check the JAL website or consult with your travel agent. Business class cabin amenities and business class seats vary based on your destination and aircraft.

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