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Many travelers are choosing business class tickets for their next vacation. Business class cabin amenities offer great luxuries for travelers looking for a more comfortable traveling environment without the premium fares associated with first class. Business class travel, called the premium cabin on Virgin flights, provides great service, luxury amenities, and a wide business class seat. Business class cabin amenities are a lot more than just a better business class seat although the business class seat is extremely comfortable.


Business class cabin amenities on a Virgin Atlantic flight begin at the airport where you enjoy a dedicated check-in and bag drop counter. Virgin prides itself on premier service and no waiting. Business class travelers preboard the plane and business class luggage is among the first bags removed from the flight.


Business Class Seats and Business Class Cabin Amenities 

The seats in business class on a Virgin Atlantic flight are leather and 21 inches wide, with a footrest and ergonomic headrest. The seating areas in business class on Virgin Atlantic have plenty of room for storage and in-seat power to keep your electronic devices charged up during your flight. There is WiFi available on selected flights for a fee. Meals are served in business class on Virgin Atlantic flights on fine china with real cutlery and beautiful linens. Business class passengers choose between three main meals, and a hot breakfast of lighter meal before arriving at your destination. Premium passengers receive a glass of champagne during takeoff and a bottle of red or white wine with their meal. The wine is selected by skilled wine merchants and is paired with your entree. Dessert is served and a course of cheese and crackers are available too. After dinner liqueur is served with coffee and flight attendants will bring you anything you need to make the rest of your flight comfortable.


Depending on the time of your flight, Virgin also offers business class travelers afternoon tea service with a selection of cakes and sandwiches and quick breakfasts are available for guest who sleep through the hot breakfast service. Business class is home to the Wander Wall, an area stocked with bins of snacks and treats that are available throughout your flight.


Inflight Entertainment 

Inflight entertainment is accessed through individual screens located in the headrest of the seat. The touchscreens are the perfect way to watch recently released movies, television programs, and a selection of games. Music is available as well.


Premium passengers can select their seat 331 days prior to their flight and if you are traveling on a night flight, you will receive an amenity kit in a wallet when you board. The amenity kit contains premium products to make your flight more comfortable.


If you are a traveler who frequently overpacks and pays fees for extra baggage, business class can help you avoid the fees because you receive one extra bag without incurring an added fee.


Popular Destinations

Virgin Atlantic flies to destinations including the UK, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Their fleet includes Boeing 747-400s to Gatwick, Manchester, Glasgow, and Belfast; Boeing 787-9, Airbus A340-600, Airbus A330-300, and the Airbus A330-200.


Virgin Atlantic is 34 years old. Eleven years ago, the founder of and CEO of Virgin Atlantic also did a US spinoff airline called Virgin America. Richard Branson is the eccentric billionaire who started Virgin Atlantic. Branson wanted to call his Economy Class “Riff Raff” but was overruled by his board of directors at the time. However, he was successful in having all of his airplanes have individual names like Jersey Girl, Soul Sister, and Tinker Belle.


All First Class passengers receive a free limousine ride to the airport but in the 1990s, upper class customers received a chauffeured motorcycle ride to the airport.


Virgin Food and Beverage team members frequently visit frequent fliers homes to check their refrigerators and pantries in order to determine in-flight menus.  More than 500 meals are taste-tested before any new menu items are added.


Virgin Atlantic holds the distinction as the only airline to have a full-length feature film made exclusively on their airlines. The romantic comedy Departure Date was filmed for eight days straight on flights between Los Angeles, Sydney, and London. Real passengers were paid as extras. The cast and crew each racked up 28,358 miles during filming.


Virgin Atlantic was the first airline in the world to fly pets. It started in 2003 when they opened up their planes for customers traveling with cats and dogs on flights from the United States to London’s Heathrow Airport. Two babies have been born on Virgin flights. The first was in 2004 on a flight from Lagos to London. The baby was named Virginia. Another baby was born in 2012 on a flight from London to Johannesburg. Virgin Atlantic’s A330 plane has the longest onboard bar of any airline operating today. It is available only to Upper-Class ticket holders and is nine feet long, covered in Swarovski crystals and fills the surrounding area with its colorful LED lights.



In 2013, Delta Airline took a 49 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic. They purchased the large chunk of shares from Singapore Airlines for $360 million dollars.


Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to offer seatback televisions in all of its seats regardless of fare. Which is a fun thing but they also were the first to carry defibrillators on board its aircraft.

Always trying to one-up other airlines in clever and fun ways, Virgin Atlantic in 2014 offered all first class passengers limited edition onesies.


Virgin Atlantic’s most popular routes are London to New York, London to Los Angeles, London to Shanghai, London to Dubai and London to Hong Kong.


For more information on Virgin Atlantic’s business class cabin amenities and business class seats, check the Virgin website or consult with your travel agent. Business class cabin amenities and business class seats vary based on destination and aircraft.

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