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First class cabin amenities onboard China Southern Airlines flights offer passengers a long list of extras to keep passengers entertained and comfortable during a long flight. First class cabin amenities include a first class seat that is wider and lays flat, so you can sleep on your flight. Other first class cabin amenities include a 23-inch flat screen LCD television to keep you entertained and ample space to ensure your privacy. China Southern Airlines continues to add to the luxury amenities available in the first class cabin and frequently upgrades the first class seat.


China Southern operates a fleet of A380s, B787s, A330s, and A380s – all of these aircraft offer first class seats. China Southern flies to destinations in China, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Australia. First class cabin amenities vary based on your aircraft and destination.

Amenities at the Airport

First class passengers can check in using China Southern’s expedited check-in service. There is no waiting to check in for first class passengers. First class passengers also receive expedited service through the security checkpoints.


Next, first class passengers can use China Southern’s airport lounges. These lounges feature hot meals, a full bar, beer and wine, and wifi. First class passengers can sit at the bar, relax in a recliner, or enjoy a meal at a table. There are workspaces for travelers who need to complete work projects or send last minute emails.


After visiting the lounge, first class passengers are invited to preboard their flight before the other passengers. First class passengers are greeted with a glass of champagne before take off and have plenty of time to store their personal belongings.


First Class Cabin Amenities

Onboard an A380, China Southern Airlines flights offer eight private flat-bed suites that provide privacy and comfort. Each private suite measures 82 inches long and 60 inches high. First class seats are adjustable and convert into a bed measuring 79 inches long by 33 inches wide. The first class private suites are equipped with a 23-inch flat-screen LCD television and six different lighting schemes. The seating area has plenty of storage for your personal belongings and has easy access to power outlets to keep your electronic devices charged during your flight. One of the cabinets has a lock to safely store your valuables.

Onboard a B787, China Southern Airlines flights offer four “cocoon-style” seats that provide comfort and enough privacy to sleep soundly during your flight. The oval back panels wrap around the seat creating an independent space. The seat design is ergonomic and has a built-in massage function. The first class seat on the B787 reclines to a fully-flat position and is equipped with in-seat power outlets and USB ports. The seating area is completed with a 17-inch personal LCD screen.

Onboard an A330, China Southern Airlines flights offer comfortable flat-lying cocoon seats, soft lighting, and enough space to work and relax. The cabin is laid out in a 1-2-1 formation with seat spacing set at 84 inches. The seat measures 27 inches wide and features in-seat power outlets and USB ports. The area also has a 17 or 15-inch personal television.


Onboard an A380, China Southern Airlines first class suites feature a 23-inch flat-screen LCD television and noise-reducing headphones. The onboard entertainment system provides video-on-demand service that includes more than 1200 program options, and more than 600 hours of entertainment, and has a capacity of 1000 GB. There are more than 150 movies available and more than 300 Chinese and foreign TV series.

First class passengers can also access a full range of office software applications including Word, Excel and other commonly used files. First class passengers can access PDF files, music, pictures, movies and television programs. The cabin is fitted with sharing capabilities so passengers can collaborate and share files within the cabin.

First class passengers select their entertainment using a 1.9 inch LCD screen with a remote control. The remote control also functions as a gaming control.


Meals in the first cabin are a five-star dining experience. Award-winning chefs create East Asian cuisine and Western food using fresh seasonal ingredients. The authentic meals are made fresh daily and the menu varies based on the season and your destination. China Southern Airlines will create kids meals and accommodate dietary restrictions upon request. Check the China Southern Airlines website for instructions on how to request a special meal.

The Chinese main courses in the first class cabin are prepared in the south China tradition and the Western main courses follow international food trends and low-calorie health standards demanded by high-end passengers.

Meals are served in courses and finish with southern Chinese refreshments and desserts. Passengers departing from Guangzhou can enjoy China Southern Airlines popular “big bowl” beef noodles and delicious Cantonese hotpot rice with Guangdong-style rice noodles. Other entrees include Cantonese (Lingnan) cuisine and spaghetti with chicken and tomato sauce.


For breakfast, you can choose from a selection of entrees including cereals with milk, French-style fried eggs, pastries, rice congee, bread, and seasonal fruits.

A full menu of alcohol and teas are also available in the first class cabin. Flight attendants will discuss and serve tea highlighting China’s traditional tea culture. China Southern Airlines has a varied wine list with more than a dozen selections from wineries in France, the United States, Australia, Chile, and other countries. There is also a selection of world-renowned brands of brandy, whiskey, and liqueurs. China Southern Airlines’ In-Flight Tea Garden highlights China’s traditional tea ceremonies for first class travelers. The high-end tea offered by this century-old teahouse and the specially trained staff offer an entertaining and informative lesson on tea and its healing and soothing properties.


For more information on China Southern Airlines first class cabin amenities and first class seats, check the China Southern Airlines webpage. First class passengers also receive greater baggage accommodations, skip the lines at the check-in counter and through security and can access China Southern’s Airport lounges and partner lounges. First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on aircraft and destination.

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