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International business class flights to Turkey are a very popular option among travelers to this exotic country. International business class tickets to Turkey can be found on travel websites at affordable and inexpensive prices. Many travelers are pricing out the different levels of travel available and opting for business class flights after finding great deals and cheap prices on tickets. There are business class tickets to fit any budget and last minute travelers can find great deals by using a travel agent to source tickets for them.


International business class tickets can save you time and money at the airport and inflight. You won’t need to purchase meals or drinks at the airport or inflight because club lounges admit business class travelers and food and drinks are included with your business class ticket to Turkey.


Which Airport is Best to Use as My Destination Airport?


Istanbul Ataturk Airport, IST is the best airport to use in Turkey. Istanbul Ataturk Airport, IST is the busiest airport in Turkey and the main hub for Turkish Airlines. This airport will give you the most opportunities to find great deals on business class flights to Turkey. It also offers great services and amenities for business class travelers, so you will not be disappointed when arriving or departing from this airport.



Ten Fun Things to Do in Turkey


  1. Belgrad Ormani- Translated it means Belgrade Forest. Belgrad Ormani is 5000 hectares of pure forest land. Belgrad Ormani is only 40 minutes away from the main city. Here locals can take a trail hike and feel like they have been transported to another world. In addition to the great hiking, you will likely discover some hidden historical remains of the Ottoman Empire such as abandoned churches and non-functioning dams.
  2. Kilitbahir Fortress- Overlooking the Dardanelles Strait lies the enormous fortress of Kilitbahir which was built in the 15th Century and still stands today as a monolithic castle. If you climb to the top of the castle, which is no easy feat, you will be struck by the great views of the fishing village below. You can take a guided tour to understand how the fortress protected the waterways for hundreds of years.
  3. Golden Horn- The Golden Horn is a stretch of water and ports that have acted as the main waterway for hundreds of years. A beautiful stretch of coast with natural harbors and home to many historical sites. The seven-kilometer-long inlet has been built on since the medieval era but it has always been key to the region for access to trade and receive goods. Stop at Haskoy to visit the Aynalikayak Kasri pavilion or visit the Eyup Mosque which was built over 500 years ago.
  4. Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Saray)- A series of kiosks and pavilions surrounded by green courtyards. This is where generations of sultans had their principal residences for almost 500 years. Top attractions of the palace are the weapon’s room where you can see the historic weapons that were created to protect the empire. The crown jewels are stored in an ornate room that includes the famous Topkapi dagger and the Harem, an adorned cage of the sultan’s women. Climb to the top of the palace and get great views of the Sea of Marmara and the Golden Horn.
  5. Pamukkale- Definitely a commitment to head to Pamukkale as a flight is required but it is one of the country’s most popular attractions. A series of natural white thermal pool terraces cascading into one another. It is also the site of the Greco-Roman city of Hierapolis. Offering dramatic landscape and scenic views it is a relaxing and unique place to spend the day.
  6. Kilyos- Turkey can be known for its incredibly hot weather, especially in the summertime. A great place to escape the heat is at the beaches of Kilyos, which a resort on the northern coast of Istanbul. The sandy beaches and cool water is a great place to relax. However, at night the beaches turn into beach parties packed with younger crowds and DJ’s playing the latest tech music until late into the evening and early morning.
  7. Archaeology Museum- The Archaeology Museum is a great collection of classical antiquities and is a real hidden gem in Istanbul. The top attractions are the marvelous sarcophagus of Alexander the Great, depicting various phases of his life, the blue-tiled Karaman Mihrab, the Tiled Pavilion and the Treaty of Kadesh which is the world’s earliest peace treaty known to man. There is also a Trojan Horse statue which has been transformed into a kid-friendly “ride”.
  8. Anadolu Kavagi- A charming seaside village that is rich in Turkish history. The coast is lined with little wooden houses that are painted in a wide variety of bright colors. Overlooking all of this is the Yoros Kalesi Fortress that dates back nearly a thousand years. To get here, you need to jump on the Bosphorus Cruise. Hike up to the fortress and then enjoy a fresh seafood dinner at a seaside restaurant where they serve up the freshest seafood caught that day by local fisherman.
  9. Gallipoli Peninsula- Located right on the shores with great coastal vistas you can also find the Gallipoli Historical National Park, which is dedicated to the soldiers of the First World War and the sacrifices of life and bravery that occurred on both sides. The cemeteries and memorials are a sobering reminder of the horrors of war. Visit the Anzac Cove, Chunuk Bair, and 57 Alay, all with different but equally important historical importance.
  10. Grand Bazaar- Over 500 years old, but still operating as one of the largest covered bazaars in the world is the Grand Bazaar. There are over 60 streets in this massive bazaar with no less than 500 shops, 60 restaurants, 18 fountains and 12 mosques. It is definitely a tourist location, but locals shop here every day. They are known for their carpets that hang from the ceilings as well as ceramics, souvenirs, and jewelry. With so many turns and twists, it is easy to get lost and turned around in this bustling shopping extravaganza.



Next Steps and When Should I Purchase My Tickets


Now that you have some ideas as to how business class will make your trip more enjoyable, you have a few things to see when you arrive in Turkey, and you know which airport to use for your search, you can start searching. If you are familiar with a travel website and have had a good experience, by all means, use it for your search. If you don’t, try using FlightsLux website. FlightsLux specializes in first class and business class travel, so they are experts in the field of luxury travel. A travel agent is a good source too. Check different dates and times of the day to travel and look for deals offered during off-peak times. The most important thing is to stick to your budget and travel limitations. Your vacation will only be enjoyable if it is doable and what you want. Remind yourself why you wanted to see Turkey and make sure you are staying true to that. Also, spending way beyond your means can make for a very stressful vacation. If you come across something that is out of your budget, let it go. Forcing a vacation full of things you can’t afford and don’t necessarily want to do is a waste of time and money. The idea here was to plan a trip that saves you time and money and maximizes your comfort and enjoyment. Don’t forget that! Happy Planning!

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