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More and more travelers are choosing international first class flights to Vienna, Austria instead of traveling coach or economy. This shift in travel is largely due to the success of travel websites that allow consumers to compare travel fares. International first class tickets to Vienna are available to fit any budget. Cheap and inexpensive first class tickets to Vienna arriving at Vienna International Airport (VIE) are easily found on travel websites. If you have a little flexibility in the times and days you can travel, you can find great deals on first class flights to Vienna, Austria. Even last minute travelers can find these bargains! Take a few minutes to set your travel budget and log onto the internet to begin your search for deals on international first class flights to Vienna.


Vienna is the largest city in Austria and has a population of more than 1.8 million people. This German-speaking city is the federal capital of Austria. The city is brimming with musical history, is referred to as “The City of Dreams” and dates back to medieval times. Sigmund Freud is just one of the famous people who lived in Vienna.


Things to do in Vienna:

  1. Stephen’s Cathedral- Most locals call it Stephansdom. The most famous Roman Catholic Church in Vienna. This gothic beauty is located in the streets of Innere Stadt and has been in this spot since the early 12th century. Amadeus Mozart was married here in 1782 and also buried in 1791 in the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Napoleon used its doors to post his farewell edict. It is a local treasure and top attraction. Head underground to the catacombs where victims of the Great Plague were laid to rest.
  2. Museum of Fine Arts – Kunsthistorisches Museum- Opened in 1891, the building itself is a sight to see with its ornate sculptures and impressive landscaping. There are art exhibits from ancient Egypt and Greece and works by European masters including Van Dyke, Velasquez, and Titian. In fact, there is an incredible amount of art in this very large museum. This museum is located next to Hofburg Palace and the Museumsquartier.
  3. Schonbrunn Palace- Built in 1696 this converted hunting lodge became the official Summer residence of Hapsburg’s royalty. Ornate rooms and elaborate gardens stretch as far as the eye can see. Features here include the oldest zoo in the world, the Tiergarten. Emperor Franz Joseph lived here. Items to see include the Blue Staircase, the Mirror Room, and the Hall of Ceremonies.
  4. Naschmarkt –Tired of visiting churches, museums, and palaces? Do what the locals do and head over to the Wieden District outdoor market. Local farmers sell fruit, meat, and dairy products. Bring your appetite and head to the food stalls and eateries at this enormous market.
  5. House of Music (Haus der Musik)- Let’s face it, Vienna is known for its renowned composers including Mozart and Beethoven. Music lovers will delight in visiting the epicenter known as the House of Music. Here, manuscripts and exhibits of these legendary musicians are everywhere. An entire floor is dedicated to the Vienna Philharmonic. A classical music fan must see.
  6. Tiergarten- Located on the Schonbrunn Palace grounds, the oldest zoo in the world is here. It was founded in 1752 by Franz Stephan when he lived at the palace as the husband of the only female Hapsburg ruler. It is home to about 750 animal species ranging from tigers, orangutans, elephants, penguins, and lemurs.
  7. MuseumsQuartier- Located right next door to the Kunsthistorisches Museum in the southwest section of Ringstrasse is the MuseumsQuartier. Actually, this is a museum institution with four different museums all right next to each other. The Leopold Museum has Austrian masterpieces dating back to the 19th The Museum of Modern Art has works from famed artists such as Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Max Ernst. The Kunsthalle Wien has a rotating series of avant-garde exhibits. There is even an architecture center called the Architekturzentrum. If you are traveling with kids try either the Zoom Kindermuseum or Naturhistorisches Museum.
  8. The Staatsoper- While it might look like another historical and beautiful museum in Vienna, The State Opera House is the city’s premier venue for the performing arts. Built in 1869, The Staatsoper still hosts performances today, but you can also take a guided tour of this incredible building. The Staatsopermuseum displays photographs and articles detailing the house’s history. Do your research as the Staatsoper has live opera and ballet performances offered in the front of the opera building.
  9. Belvedere- You’ve already hit all the museums at the MuseumsQuartier, and the Kunsthistorisches, next you can head over to the Belvedere. Two palaces separated by an ornate 17th-century French style garden. Some great baroque architecture is on display here. The former home to Archduke Franz Ferdinand can be seen here and the buildings now house an impressive array of Austrian art from renowned artists including Klimt and Kokoschka. Visitors love the paintings, ornate gardens, and buildings that the Belvedere has to offer. Belvedere Palace sits just southeast of the Innere Stadt, between the Wieden and Landstrasse districts.
  10. Hofburg Palace- Not just a palace but a city within a city. There are actually several attractions here besides the royal residences. The 13th-century palace is the best place to start. With over 2,000 rooms where the royal family lived and the Kaiser Appartements, Sisi Museum will give you some perspective on Empress Elizabeth. There is the royal chapel called the Burgkapelle where you can hear the Vienna Boys Choir singing at Sunday Mass. On the grounds is the Spanische Reitschule where the famous Lipizzaner horses are raised and trained. There is a lot to see here.


This list could easily number into the 50s. There are so many things to see and do in Vienna, Austria that it makes sense that so many people are paying a bit more for their air travel, so they can arrive in Vienna refreshed, relaxed, and ready to see all of the attractions that Vienna has to offer.


First Class Travel to Vienna:

First class tickets to Vienna provide you with a lot of perks in terms of luxuries. When you arrive at the airport with an international first class ticket to Vienna, you automatically move to the shorter lines at check-in and through the security check. You also are permitted to take extra baggage without incurring an additional charge. Your bags can also weigh more than if you are holding a coach or economy ticket to Vienna. Next, move directly through security and head straight to the first class lounge. The first class lounge is the best part of traveling first class. Allow plenty of time to absorb all of the amenities at these lounges. The lounge will save you money at the airport too. You can eat a great meal here, enjoy free cocktails and sodas, and load up on snacks. There are also comfy chairs, hot showers, high-end toiletries, and anything else you need. An attendant will check you into the lounge and track the status of your flight for you. The attendant will let you know if there is a flight delay or a gate change. You relax, recharge your mobile devices, and catch up on emails.


Proceed to the gate and pre-board your flight. Your seat will recline to a flat position and you will have extra privacy. Depending on the type of plane you are on, you may have a special area onboard where you can meet other first class passengers. You will always receive warm blankets, eye masks, and soft pillows, but you also get a five-star meal, unlimited movies, and anything else you need. Ask your flight attendant for advice on things to see and do in Vienna. After traveling first class to Vienna, you will never want to go back to coach or economy. Enjoy your trip!

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