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Are you thinking of checking a trip to Tokyo off of your bucket list? How about checking international first class travel to Tokyo off of your bucket list as well. Now is a great time to find some great deals on first class tickets to Tokyo. As the high travel season winds down, it makes sense that airlines are offering cut-rate prices on air travel. Traveling via a first class ticket to Tokyo arriving at either Narita or Haneda Airport (NRT, HND) will save you time as well. If you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready-to-go, you can minus off that one day at your hotel that you would spend sleeping and getting your energy back. Coach and Economy travel is crowded and uncomfortable. Why not take advantage of the deals that are available and splurge for first class? You’ll be glad you did!

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and this cosmopolitan city is brimming with activities for tourists.  From incredible restaurants to high-end shopping to cultural and historical monuments, Japan is a memorable destination for just about anyone. Travel websites and travel agents can help you locate lower priced first class tickets to Tokyo. Last minute travelers don’t fret! Sometimes that’s the best way to find great deals. Ask a travel agent or use a website to look for last minute deals and packages. There are fares to fit all budgets.

Tokyo has a population of more than 13 million people. The city is large, diverse, crowded, and tons of fun to visit. It’s eye-opening! Here are a few things to do when you are in Tokyo:

  1. Watch wrestling at a Sumo Stable– Sumo wrestling is a serious sport in Japan. The practices are intense and visitors are expected to understand that this is a real practice, not a spectator show. Be respectful while you are there. There are many sumo stables to choose from and most of the stables allow people to watch practice. It’s loud, sweaty, and really captivating!
  2. Shrines and Temples– The fascinating thing about Tokyo is the city is the perfect mix of super modern and ancient. There are many famous temples that are well worth your time to stop by and tour. Remember though, these are sacred places and dress codes often apply. Do your research and then prepare to be amazed.
  3. Eat Out– From street carts to open-air markets to Michelin rated restaurants, Tokyo has it all. Fish auctions are held before the sun comes up and are an incredible experience, but for later sleepers, try the local favorites. Be brave, step outside of your comfort zone and you will not be disappointed.
  4. Support America’s Favorite Pastime! – Japan loves baseball. Go to a baseball game in Tokyo. You will be amazed at how invested the fans are. American baseball is a true love of most Japanese people. It’s a real experience to watch a baseball game in Tokyo. Tokyo Dome offers great baseball with large crowds. Spoiler Alert: they wave umbrellas for home runs and they have cheerleaders! Also, the stadium fare is a real treat. Think edamame instead of peanuts.
  5. Check out the skyscrapers at Night – Tokyo has the fifth most skyscrapers in the world and they are neon-lit at night. Two well-known buildings are the Odaiba and The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, but there are many others. Bring your camera and take in the nighttime views.
  6. Kabuki! – Attend a kabuki show. Typically only men perform in these shows that combine music, elaborate costumes, great makeup, and some miming. There are many places to take in a show, some are one-acts which are shorter if you aren’t sure that sitting through an entire performance is your thing. Just go.
  7. Karaoke – Tokyo nightlife is all about karaoke. Partake in this nighttime custom. There are many karaoke bars in Tokyo and this tradition has long been a favorite way for locals to blow off steam ad strut their stuff. You’re on vacation to experience new things right?
  8. Electronics! – You can’t deny Tokyo as a technological world center. Akihabara is Tokyo’s electronic district, called Akiba, you will find everything electronic that you ever imagined. There are large stores as well as small booths selling gadgets and gizmos that you have never seen.
  9. Eat at a Cat Cafe- Yes, a cat cafe. The felines are your co-diners, not your dinner. Tokyo has a themed restaurant for everything and cat cafes are the latest trend. It’s a little bizarre but very popular to dine with cats in Tokyo. If you are an animal lover, or just curious about Tokyo’s quirky side, head to one of these cat cafes.
  10. Have a Kimono fitting – There are places where you can be measured, select your fabric, and have a kimono made for you. It’s an amazing experience and you leave Tokyo with a traditional garment, made just for you.


Considering that this list does not include the usual trips to the Palace (you have to go!) and Meiji Shrine (yes, you have to do this too!), purchasing an International First Class Flight to Tokyo can make the journey enjoyable and allow you to hit the ground running when you arrive. Cheap and discount fares can be found even with little or no notice.


FlightsLux is a website that locates the best deals for international first class tickets to Tokyo. They guarantee a savings of at least $1,000 and work with all major airlines. FlightsLux is the type of website that specializes in booking affordable and lowest price air travel. With so much to do in Tokyo, saving money on air travel makes sense and is good planning.

Weigh your Options

First Class flights to Tokyo offer you some really great benefits. Everyone knows you get to sit in the front of the plane and have a bigger seat than the economy and coach travelers, But what a lot of people don’t realize is how many other benefits there are to traveling first class. If you have a first class ticket to Tokyo you can skip the long coach and economy lines at the airport. Move to the preferred line at baggage and then again, take the shorter preferred line through security as well. Sounds good, right! Next, stop at the first class lounge at the airport and dine, have a drink, grab some snacks, and refuel your cell phone and laptop. Rest, relax, and get into vacation mode! First class lounges offer showers, high-end toiletries, an attendant to track your flight status, and a beautiful space to escape the busy airport.


Head to your gate, pre-board the plane, and again relax. Expert flight attendants attend to your every need. A first-class flight to Tokyo booked through Flights Lux also provides you with movies, warm blankets, restaurant quality meals and more. You’ll arrive in Tokyo feeling ready to see the city.

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