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International Business Class Flights to Australia

Planning a trip to Australia this year might be more affordable than you think. Consider celebrating that milestone birthday or that monumental anniversary with international business class tickets to Australia. Great deals on business class flights to Australia can be found through a network of travel agents and on travel websites.

There are business class flights to work with any budget, and if you are flexible in the days and times you can travel, you can find cheap and inexpensive deals on tickets. This is one occasion where being last minute can pay off. Unsold seats are often sold at bargain prices a few days before departure. Before you purchase coach or economy tickets to Australia, you may want to do some research and compare the cost and benefits of the different tiers of air travel.

Business Class Flights to Australia Can Save You Time

A lot of first-time business class travelers don’t realize that you save a lot of time at the airport and you can save a lot of money on food, drinks, and snacks by traveling business class. Business class travelers use the “premier traveler” lines at the airport.

Many people think these are only for first class passengers, but that isn’t true, they are also for business class travelers. These lines are short, well staffed, and move very quickly. Check in using this line and then use the premier line again through the TSA security checkpoints. You’ve saved time twice already and your trip hasn’t even started yet! That’s nice.

Next, you will not have to purchase food, snacks, and drinks at the airport. The meals served in business class during your flight are included with the cost of your business class ticket. The food is delicious, snacks are offered multiple times, and dessert is usually offered too. There is no need to stuff your carry on with expensive snacks you purchased at the airport. In-flight beverages are included too, yes, alcohol is included.

Champagne will be offered to you when you are sitting down, its included. Snacks will be offered before take off, these are included. Inflight entertainment is part of your purchase price as well. Also, you will be amazed by the blankets, pillows, and the noise reducing earbuds you are offered. The best part is the added privacy business class provides. You won’t be crowded during the flight. You can stretch out and enjoy yourself.

Your seat will lay flat and become a comfy bed. You can curl up and sleep during the long flight to Australia. Prepare to arrive in Ireland ready to see everything. You won’t need a nap at your hotel, you just slept like a baby on the flight to Australia in business class.

Here are ten things to do while you are in Australia:

  1. Visit Sydney – Sydney is the largest city in Australia with over 5.1 million people. That is almost 21% of the total Australian population. It has a growth rate of 16.84% and is deemed one of the most livable cities in the world despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world. The beaches, transportation and mild weather make it very enjoyable. Australia is home to a wide mix of people from all over the world. Sydney attracts more foreigners than any other city. It is a multicultural city with a vibrant cultural scene and business hub. It has a reputation for not being kid friendly, but many foreigners live here with their kids.
  2.  Swan Hill – Swan Hill is Australia’s smallest city. Its population is only 11,061 people. It is located northwest of Victoria, Australia. Aboriginal people have lived in the area for the last 13,000 years. The area is inhabited with the Wemba-Wemba and Wati-Wati people. Visiting this city is a fascinating step back in time.
  3. Try the Chicken Parmigiana – This is a classic Aussie chicken dish that is available in most pubs throughout the country. It’s a little tastier than Australia’s other known dish which Vegemite on Toast.
  4. Melbourne – Melbourne is the most educated city in Australia second only to Paris. The city is home to seven universities. Melbourne is full of beautiful beaches, sporting events and great restaurants. Voted the most livable city by The Economist.
  5. Gold Coast Building – The tallest building in Australia is the Gold Coast which is 1,058 feet tall. Australia is known for its tall buildings having more skyscrapers per person than any other country in the world. The nation’s first skyscraper which was over 150 meters tall was the Australia Square Tower. The Gold Coast was finished in 2005.
  6. Rent a private yacht – It sounds like lifestyles of the rich and famous but this is pretty straight forward, unique and not very expensive. There are companies in places like Cumberland that will provide you with a yacht after a safety briefing and some instruction as long as you radio in twice a day and give your status. The Whitsunday Islands offers some of the best sailing around with perfect and easy to navigate winds and calm water. The area offers great views and over 70 islands to gaze at. Book a tour with a group of friends to have a once in a lifetime experience. Hamilton Island, Hayman and Airlie Beaches are all good starting locations.
  7. Ride a train across the country – Step back in time and enjoy the countryside. There are so many great cities like Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane in Australia so why not get a glimpse of them all by riding the trains. Named after the Afghan camel drivers that used to roam the countryside is the Ghan train. They offer a 1,850 mile train ride that takes 4 days. It criss crosses the continent from the desert to the mountains of Flinders Range or from Sydney to Perth and vice versa.
  8. Tasmania and food – Tasmania has an incredible reputation as a foodie area. The island state is known from everything from beer to pork and berries to wine especially Pinot Noirs. There is the Farm Gate Market in Hobart, Tassie oysters at Bangor Wine, Oyster Shed in Port Arthur, and triple cream brie or delicious camembert from Wicked Cheese. The cool climate helps produces some of the premier wine in the region. A burgeoning food scene has developed around tourists looking for fine wines. The oldest winery is located in Providence.
  9. The Pinnacles – On the Turquoise Coast of Western Australia hours north of Perth you will find the Pinnacles Desert. Rising from the ground are hundreds and hundreds of ancient limestone pillars. It almost looks like a huge cemetery. The park has everything from desert flowers and exotic plant species to white sand beaches. There is a fishing village called Cervantes which has nice places to stay and dine.
  10. Margaret River – In general, the Margaret River region is a great place to take in wineries, restaurants and beautiful beaches. However, in November of each year, they host the Western Australia Gourmet Escape. It is one of the largest food and wine festivals in all of Australia. It is located three hours from Perth and a 30 minute drive from the small regional airport of Busselton. This area can make for a great weekend getaway.

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