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Asiana Airlines Business Class Cabins
Asiana Airlines is one of two airlines operating out of Korea. They are a relatively new airline. They were founded in 1988. The airline was created to break the monopoly of Korean Airlines. They are based in the capital of Korea which is Seoul. Seoul is a convenient stop-over from Asia to the United States and because of this prime location the airline has experienced rapid growth.

Asiana Airlines Hubs and Destinations
They have their international hub located at Incheon Airport (OZ) and a domestic hub at Gimpo (GMP). Both are located just outside of Seoul.

Asiana offers flights to 90 destinations in 23 different countries. They fly to 22 Chinese cities making them one of the largest carriers to the mainland of China. Additionally, they fly to Europe, the Americas and Australia.

Asiana Airlines Fleets
Asiana has over 80 planes with the bulk of planes being the Airbus A320. These are mainly used for domestic flights. For their international flights they own a mix of Boeing and Airbus wide-body planes.

Asiana has a 5-star ranking by SkyTrak. It is only one of eight airlines with SkyTrak’s highest ranking. Asiana is a full-service carrier offering First, Business and Economy class cabins. They are part of the Star Alliance program.

Asiana Airlines Amenities and Programs
They offer lounges for premium cabin passengers and frequent fliers. Their hub in Seoul is rated a five. There are only 5 airport lounges in the world that have this high of a ranking. You can enjoy a relaxing shower, massage services, take a nap in one of their full bed suites or enjoy a great meal and free alcohol.
For all of you United 1k Star Alliance members make sure you check out Asiana flights. You can redeem your Mileage Plus miles on Asiana and enjoy a much better flight experience in premium cabins.

As of December 2014, the company employed over 10,000 people. The majority of Asiana’s pilots, ground staff and flight attendants are based in Seoul.

About Asiana Airlines
Asiana Airlines is the largest shareholder in Air Busan which is a low-cost regional carrier operating out of Seoul and flies domestically. They also own 100% of Air Seoul, which is another low-cost carrier.

Before Asiana was formed in 1988, Korean Air controlled all South Korean flight travel. Asiana was formed to offer competition in the South Korean market. It was formed by the Kumho Asiana Group which was originally Seoul Air International. It started with flights to Busan.

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