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International business class flights to Budapest, Hungary offer travelers a leisurely and relaxing travel experience. You can find cheap international business flights to Budapest, Hungary on travel websites and other travel sources. Last minute deals are available, but deals are found much more easily if you have some lead time and some flexibility in your travel dates. Use a website, like FlightsLux to research the cost of first class and business class tickets to Budapest, Hungary. There are business class flights to fit any budget. Set your limits, determine a range of dates that will work for you, and begin your search.


Budapest Airports

Formerly called Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (BUD) is now called Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport (BUD). This airport (BUD) is your best choice for arriving and departing Budapest. It is a busy airport and all major airlines offer service here. If you have a favorite airline, you should not have a problem traveling here with them.


A Few Ideas of Some things to do in Budapest

  1. The Hungarian Parliament Building- One of the largest buildings in Hungary. It is an active building and houses many of Hungary’s parliamentary offices. It was designed in the Gothic Revival style. The building is massive with ornate towers and arches. Many people like to take in the full view of the building on the other side of the Danube river.
  2. Hungarian State Opera House- A classical Neo-Renaissance building that was built in 1884 after being commissioned by the Emperor, Franz Joseph. On the outside are numerous statues of famous Hungarian composers. Inside is a 1,200 seat auditorium with amazing acoustics for musical performances. Many say it has the best acoustics in the world. Some of the best opera singers in the world perform here. You don’t have to take in a show but you should take a tour of the facility.
  3. Dohany Street Synagogue- This is one of the largest synagogues in the world outside of Israel. The interior and the exterior garden were restored in the 1990’s after being destroyed by the Nazis in World War II. The remodeling of the synagogue was funded by a worldwide campaign for misplaced Jews who were forced to leave during the war. In the garden, there is the weeping willow art memorial with metal leaves and the names of the some of the people who were killed in the war. The inside of the spectacularly remodeled synagogue is a must see.
  4. Hungarian National Museum- The Hungarian National Museum houses almost all of Hungary’s historical art pieces, relics and exhibitions covering the history of Hungary from religion to archaeology. The building itself is a piece of art. It is a spectacular building and worth seeing even if you don’t go into the museum. Done in Neoclassical style it also has a peaceful garden outside in which many locals hang out on a weekend enjoying a summer day.
  5. Margaret Island- Roughly a 2-mile-long island that sits in the middle of the Danube. Hungary built this historic park and recreational facility for its citizens. There are a number of physical activities that take place on the island like bike rentals, self-pedaled boats and golf carts to explore the property. Exercise enthusiasts will enjoy a 5-mile running track that circles the island. Run by the music fountain which has “dancing water” playing to classical music. There are also medieval ruins on the island for viewing.
  6. The Széchenyi Baths- This is the largest “medicinal” bath complex in Europe. The waters are considered to be almost magical for those suffering from arthritis, joint illnesses, and other medical issues. The water contains heavy doses of calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, fluoride, and sulfates. There are a variety of thermal pools as well as saunas, steam and massage rooms. Outdoor pools are heated extremely hot and open late at night.
  7. Memento Park- A small park consisting of statues and monuments of some of the ruling Communist leaders of the city during the Communist Era. Most of the statues were actually removed by the Democratic government as part of the process to make life normal again or physically removed by angry Hungarian protests over the Communist regime. But, over time the Park became a place to look back on an important part of the city’s history.
  8. Ruin Pubs- Budapest is known for its “ruin pubs”. A fascinating development in Budapest are these deserted buildings that were converted into pubs. They are sprawling buildings that have been filled up with slightly worn out furniture, eclectic artwork, and shabby-chic accessories serving up the latest cocktails, beers and finger foods.
  9. Fisherman’s Bastion- The building literally looks like a fake medieval monument but in reality, it was built in the early 1900’s in a neo-Gothic style. It has a great viewing platform that looks out across Margaret Island, Danube, and the Pest. It is named after a guild who were responsible for defending the city during the Middle Ages. There are seven historic towers all with great views of the city.
  10. Gellert Bath and Spa- A massive and grand pool, spa, and sauna facility in a lavish, ornate building from the early 1900’s. The outdoor pool has the ability to turn into a wave pool and there is an effervescent swimming pool. There are also indoor pools with large marble columns, incredibly tall rounded ceilings with a 2nd The building sustained heavy damage during World War II but was renovated in 2008 to bring it back to its original state.


The Benefits of Business Class

If you are on the fence about spending more for your business class tickets to Budapest, Hungary, it might help you decide if you weigh the benefits of traveling business class over coach or economy.

  1. You will spend less time waiting around at the airport- You don’t wait in the coach line at the check-in counter. Your business class ticket to Budapest moves you to the “preferred Traveler” line. These lines are shorter and move very quickly because the airlines always make sure to staff them sufficiently so their VIP passengers do not have to wait. You also use the preferred line through the security checkpoints, which always saves a lot of time.
  2. First Class “Club” Lounges- These lounges will get you out of the busy airport and provide you with some pampering before your flight. You check in with an attendant who will verify that you have a first class or business class ticket and then you can really relax because this attendant will take over watching for flight delays and gate changes for you. The club lounges usually have really nice bar areas and serve hot foods. Other amenities generally offered at these lounges include snacks, alcoholic beverages, sodas, waters, and desserts. Many travelers use these lounges to finish last-minute work obligations, book trip excursions, or read. There are always various types of seating arrangements including private areas, tables, and club chairs.
  3. Pre-Boarding- Preboarding never seems like a great advantage until you are waiting in the line to get to your seat and everyone is rushing you to stow away your carry on items. Business Class travel isn’t like that. You have added time and privacy when boarding. Not to mention your seat is larger and more private and you have much more space to store your personal belongings.
  4. In-flight amenities- Your seat is better. It’s bigger, deeper, and more comfortable. The food served in business class is also very, very good. Alcohol is free, dessert is served, movies can be watched, or you can just lay down (as in actually lay down, like in a bed) and sleep.

These are just a few of the benefits of business class travel. Take a little time this week to explore international business class flights to Budapest, Hungary. I see a business class fight in your future!

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