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International first class tickets to Poland can make your journey to this amazing country more comfortable. The price of first class flights to Poland might not be as out of reach as you think. First class travel continues to add services and amenities to keep up with competitors. Affordable and even cheap international first class tickets to Poland can be found if you are willing to invest some time researching tickets. Either way, great deals are available and there are first class tickets to work with any budget. Last minute travelers aren’t out of luck when looking for inexpensive first class tickets to Poland. Travel agents and travel websites can often find great deals on affordable first class tickets at the last minute.


How to Plan Your Trip


This part might seem obvious, but ask people who have been to Poland about their experience. Poland is an amazing country with a lot of ground to cover, so you will need to be strategic in what you see and what you skip. If you have a friend, a friend of a friend, or even a remote acquaintance who has been to Poland, contact them and ask them for advice. Most people enjoy reminiscing about their travels, good and bad, and they should be happy to share their knowledge with you. Ask away!


Regarding first class travel, make sure you ask people about their experiences with international first class flights to Poland. Did they think the extra luxuries were worth the extra cost of their ticket? Another good rule of thumb is to check the airlines and the type of aircraft you will travel on. First class cabin configurations vary from plane to plane. Make sure you know what to expect before you purchase your first class ticket to Poland. It’s important to educate yourself on what you want out of your trip before you pay for airfare, attractions, and accommodations. Slow down and do your homework!


Which Airport Should I Fly In to in Poland?


The good news is Poland has two main airports that you can choose from. The more choices you have the greater your chances are to find affordable first class tickets to Poland. Consider Krakow John Paul II International Airport (KRK) as your first choice. Krakow John Paul II International Airport, KRK, is located near Krakow in Southern Poland. It is a very busy airport and works with all major airlines. Another airport to check is Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport (WAW). Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, WAW is Poland’s largest airport. The airport is also called Chopin Airport and Warsaw-Chopin Airport. It is located in Warsaw and sees more than 300 flights a day.


Ten Desirable Things to See and Do to Experience Poland


  1. Old Town – Stare Miastro- This is one of the first planned cities drawn up by city planners back in 1257. Originally the town was surrounded by walls to keep out Mongol invaders, now the wall surrounds the parkland area. Old Town offers a variety of activities from cafes, restaurants, squares, and churches as well as cellars that descend into historic Gothic vaults.
  2. Kazimierz- This stunning neighborhood is located just south of Old Town. It was a separate city that existed for over 500 years but is now part of Krakow. The neighborhood has a huge Jewish population as it not only took in European Jewish settlers but also took in Jewish people from Krakow after the great fire in Krakow at end of the 15th The eastern streets of Kamimierz still have a significant Jewish influence. Much of the famous movie Schindler’s List was filmed here.
  3. Planty Park- When Poland was dismantled from being an independent city by the Emperor of Austro-Hungary, its fortification walls were torn down and replaced with English landscaped gardens. These gardens became the buffer between the Old Town and the newer sections of town. A few remnants remain like the Krakow Barbican and the Florian Gate.
  4. Rynek Underground- This unique space is an underground museum located below the Main Square in Krakow. The museum depicts what life was like in Krakow 700 years ago. Underground attractions provide visitors with walks over footbridges, so they can see the impressive archaeological digs that have unearthed artifacts including arrowheads, clay statues, and medallions. Another highlight are the graves that were discovered from an 11th-century cemetery.
  5. Main Square – Rynek Glowny- The main square in Krakow has been a focal point of activity since the 13th It is one of the largest Medieval squares in Europe and was built after the Mongol invasion of the 12th century. The square has stood the test of time and is a sign of enduring spirit in Poland. The main square serves as a main meeting space for rallies and social events.
  6. Royal Walk- Traveling from north to south through the city is the Royal Walk which is where Kings and Queens have held their coronations for centuries. The path begins at the Church of St Florian and passes through some of Poland’s signature landmarks including St. Adalbert’s Church and Wielopolski Palace.
  7. Wawel Castle- This castle is located on a hilltop overlooking the water and Old Town is Wawel Castle. Full of charm and different architectural styles including Romanesque and Baroque, the King of Poland had a seat here until the capital was moved to Warsaw. The Castle has been dedicated as a national museum with several national artifacts including the coronation sword of every monarch for over 400 years.
  8. Saints Peter and Paul Church- Built in the 17th century this Baroque-style church was built by Italian masters. The outside is made from dolomite and features statues of the saints. Scenes from the life of Saint Peter and Saint Paul fill the inside of the church with a great ornamental design. The incredible domed church also showcases Foucault’s Pendulum which depicts the earth’s rotation.
  9. Tyniec Abbey- Just 10 kilometers southwest of Old Town is the tiny village of Tyniec. Located just off the Vistula river in a beautiful limestone canyon, you will see the towers of Benedictine Abbey. The monastery dates back to the 11th century and has a Baroque design. This is a fun place to come for concerts, enjoy a meal at a local café and pick up some gifts sold by the monks.
  10. Wawel Cathedral- Not to be confused with Wawel Castle, this cathedral’s current version was completed in the 1300’s as the previous two were burned to the ground in invasions. Many Polish royalty have been buried here at Sigismund’s Chapel which was completed in the 16th century and has a great design with ornate carvings throughout.


Planning and Purchasing: How to Avoid the Pitfalls


Planning your trip should be fun. Sometimes the best way to begin is to meet with a travel agent or log on to any number of travel websites to compare the cost of flights. A few quick tips to remember: certain days of the week and certain times of the day and night (think red-eye) can be less expensive than others. Look for patterns that seem to bring fares down. You need to set a budget and stick to it! If you are set on traveling first class to Poland, but the prices are not working with your budget, try looking during the offseason. If you plan excursions that work with the weather in the country, you can still have a really memorable offseason vacation. Just remember, don’t book a trip during the rainy season if you plan to be outside a lot, and don’t like getting wet. The rainy season is a great time to travel if you are looking to accomplish mostly indoor activities.


Happy planning!

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