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Japan’s capital city, Tokyo is a popular destination city for many reasons. This bustling city offers a traveler world-class dining, couture shopping, and historic temples. Tokyo is famous for its hospitality and wide array of activities for visitors. To ensure that you are well rested when you arrive, research Business Class Tickets to Tokyo. Websites and travel agents have access to discount fares and packages that are available even for last-minute travelers that fit all budgets. With about 13 million residents, this large and busy city offers an abundance of activities for travelers. You won’t want to spend a day at your hotel recuperating from jet lag. Tokyo has two airports Narita and Haneda (NRT, HND) to choose from.

Here is a short list of reasons to visit Tokyo:

  1. The Imperial Palace– The Imperial Palace is where the Emperor and the royal family live! This is a free activity but requires an application be filed a few months in advance. If royal residences interest you, make sure to plan ahead and file an application. It’s worth it!
  2. Meiji Shrine & Sensoji Temple– These sites see millions of visitors each year. They offer a glimpse into ancient religious traditions and pay homage to esteemed political families.
  3. Dining– Tokyo has an abundance of restaurants and local markets where visitors can sample local fare made from local ingredients. These menus go way beyond sushi. Check out Tsukiji Market, it’s Tokyo’s largest and oldest fish market.
  4. History – Tokyo is home to many museums celebrating the various aspects of Japan’s history. The Tokyo National Museum explores the evolution of Japan. The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation explores Japan’s entrepreneurial spirit.
  5. Architecture – Odaiba and The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building are two landmarks that attract a lot of tourists. Tokyo is ranked fifth in the world for skyscrapers, these neon-lit structures are a cornerstone of the city’s technological and architectural history.
  6. Shopping! – Often compared to New York’s Fifth Avenue, Ginza is the central hub for couture shopping in Tokyo. Pack your credit cards, this shopping district boasts ultra-high end shops and some affordable venues as well.
  7. Horticulture – Tokyo has many gardens that dot the city. The most well-known is Shinjuku Gyoen Gardens. Here you’ll find 144 acres of landscaped gardens spanning three types of landscaping. Wear your walking shoes and enjoy the views.
  8. Techies Unite! – Tokyo is a “techies” ultimate destination city. Head straight to Akihabara – Tokyo’s electronics district. Referred to by locals as “Akiba” this area has both large stores and small booths along its side streets. You will find vendors selling all types of gadgets.
  9. Tokyo Tower- It’s the Japanese version of the Eiffel Tower.
  10. Tokyo Disneyland – Offering rides and shows, see the Japanese version of this American icon.


With so much to see and do, it makes sense that so many travelers are choosing International Business Class Flights to Tokyo instead of traveling coach or economy. Tokyo offers a full slate of activities and travelers don’t have time to recuperate from long hours of uncomfortable economy traveling. Cheap and discount fares exist, even with little to no notice.

FlightsLux will find you inexpensive international business class tickets to Tokyo and many other cities quickly and easily. FlightsLux guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and works with all major airlines. With 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, FlightsLux can help you book airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price. With so many activities to choose from, saving money on your travel expenses is just good planning. FlightsLux makes saving money fast and easy. Travel specialists can help you with the booking process and ensure a comfortable flight to Tokyo and back home.

The First Class Difference

When choosing air travel, there are a lot of options. Business Class flights to Tokyo offer many perks. Most people are familiar with the more spacious accommodations on the airplane, but that is just the beginning. If you are holding Business class tickets to Tokyo, you have access to shorter lines at the airport, shorter lines through TSA checks and security, and you board the plane first. You also have access to the airline lounges before arriving at your gate. These lounges offer an array of services including free alcohol and beverages, gourmet meals, a wide variety of snacks, desserts, and (in some cases) access to a hot shower. In the lounges for business class flights to Tokyo, an attendant will track your flight status and notify you of any changes to your travel schedule. Once in the lounge, you can recharge your phone and laptop, grab a snack or hot meal, or unwind with a cocktail of your choice.


Arrive at your gate, pre-board, and prepare to be pampered. FlightsLux can coordinate your travel plans, book your flights, and guarantee you a great price. Travel experts know how to access the best flights at the best prices. FlightsLux offers 24/7 travel support.


Once on board a business class flight to Tokyo, you’ll enjoy unlimited movies, cashmere blankets, warm hand towels, gourmet meals and more. You’ll arrive in Tokyo feeling pampered, refreshed, and ready to see the abundance of sites or conquer your business tasks easily.

Tokyo Airports:

Tokyo has two major international airports. You can book international business class flights to Tokyo to either of these airports. Tokyo’s Narita Airport, NRT, is generally considered the busiest and most popular airport in Tokyo. The other airport in Tokyo is Haneda Airport, HND. Tokyo’s two main airports offer you the best amenities and the most options for travel. Amenities vary at each location, and you can easily research the features offered at each airport.  With a selection of airports to choose from you are almost guaranteed to find even a last minute flight that fits your schedule and budget. Major airlines like Air China, Air Nippon, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines all fly to Tokyo airports. All of these airlines offer Business Class flights and First Class Flights to Tokyo.

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