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Amsterdam is a city with a rich and varied history. It is a popular travel destination for history and culture buffs alike. The Netherland’s capital city, Amsterdam is also known for its postcard-worthy vistas and bridges that are lit with fairy lights in the evenings and offer travelers a unique view of the city. Many of the canal cruises offer dinner and drink service and many stops along the way to visit neighborhood destinations, museums, and shops.  If you are traveling to Amsterdam internationally, it is a worthwhile idea to research business class flights to this bustling city. Business class offers many amenities that Economy and Coach travel does not, so it can make your journey to Amsterdam more relaxing and enjoyable. You will want to arrive well rested, so you can make the most of your trip to Amsterdam and take in all of the sights and sounds of this historic city.

The most obvious benefit of traveling via Business Class to Amsterdam is the size and quality of your business class seat. The seats are much wider and deeper than Economy and Coach seating and often recline to a nearly flat position. The food is restaurant quality on a business class flight and alcohol is included. There are high-quality blankets, slippers, and soft pillows offered to business class travelers as well. The benefits of traveling Business Class to Amsterdam make the cost worthwhile. Research the many websites providing access to discounted flights for last-minute travelers. Don’t make the assumptions that it will too costly for your budget, there are tricks to find Business Class tickets to accommodate small budgets too. Business Class travel to Amsterdam can be more affordable than you think!

When visiting Amsterdam take in some of these sights, and do some more research on your own to make sure your trip is what you want it to be.

  1. Beyond Souvenirs – Shop for keepsakes on one of Amsterdam’s well-known shopping districts. Kalverstraat, The Nine Streets, and Czaar Peterstraat are only a few of the city’s shopping destinations. Leave some extra room in your suitcase.
  2. Take a Canal Cruise – Amsterdam’s canals offer amazing views and vistas. The canals are dotted with many bridges that are lit up at night.
  3. Visit the Anne Frank House – The front of the house is a museum recalling the horrible treatment of Jewish people by the Nazi’s. The back of the house has been beautifully preserved to give insight into how Anne Frank lived during her two years of hiding.
  4. Visit the Parks – Amsterdam has more than 30 public parks. They are beautifully maintained and offer a wonderful area to sit and relax and take in the Dutch lifestyle.
  5. Amsterdam Neighborhoods – Amsterdam is host to very eclectic neighborhoods. Do a little research and find a neighborhood that offers the lifestyle you find appealing.


With so much to offer a traveler, these five stops are just the beginning. Don’t forget to check out the fields of tulips, the museums (The Rijks Museum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art and the Oud-Zuid, and others). There are windmills still operating in Amsterdam, make sure you at least do a drive-by of one of the eight windmills or even better yet, see them via bicycle. The number of bicycles in Amsterdam is greater than the population-explore and exercise at the same time. The food is as impressive as the views! Arrive hungry and sample the local cuisine.


Business Class International Flights to Amsterdam offer so many advantages for travelers and will save you both time and energy on your journey to this eclectic city. Recuperating at your hotel from a long and uncomfortable travel day is a waste of a vacation day. Cheap and discount fares exist, even with little to no notice.


FlightsLux is a website that secures inexpensive international Business Class tickets to Amsterdam and beyond. FlightsLux guarantees a savings of at least $1,000 and works with all major airlines. With 24 hours a day, seven days a week availability, FlightsLux can help you book airfare that is affordable and at the lowest price. Booking your Business Class flight to Amsterdam with FlightsLux guarantees that you will arrive in The Netherlands ready to take on Amsterdam and explore every neighborhood, museum, windmill, and landmark with energy and clarity.

Why Business Class

Business Class flights to Amsterdam separates you from the Economy and Coach passengers in many ways-it’s not just in the cabin of the airplane, the benefits begin way before you board. Let’s start at the airports. Bypass the long lines and opt for the business class traveler lines, which are shorter and more exclusive. Then move quickly through TSA and Security as you access the business class “preferred” line, which is shorter. The more experienced travelers in these lines know the ins and outs of navigating through security and you will fly through quickly and easily. Travelers with Business Class tickets to Amsterdam can use the Business Class lounges which offer free alcohol, beverage machines, gourmet meals, snacks, desserts, and are hosted by attendants who will help you coordinate your boarding and help you keep track of flight delays and gate changes. Now here’s the best part: once you are in the lounge you can relax, listen to music, charge your phone, use your laptop, catch up on email with the free wi-fi, and relax. Everything is taken care of for you. How nice is that!


When you arrive at your gate, you pre-board and go back to relaxing. FlightsLux can work with nearly any budget to secure lower-cost business class flights to Amsterdam and with 24/7 support, you can’t go wrong.


Once you’ve boarded your Business Class flight to Amsterdam you’ll notice the difference in services immediately. Unlimited movies, most flight offer free wi-fi services, cashmere blankets, soft comfy sleeping slippers, and attendants willing to help you with all of your needs. The meals are restaurant quality and do not disappoint. Served on fine china and delivered on silver trays, the meals are a real perk of business class travel. Depending on the cabin configuration your seat will be more comfortable, more spacious, and in most cases will recline to a nearly flat position.

Airlines and Airports that service Amsterdam:

The Netherland’s is host to many airports of all sizes. Amsterdam’s largest airport is Amsterdam Airport Schiphol – AMS. The four other most active airports are Maastricht Aachen Airport – MST,  Rotterdam The Hague Airport – RTM, Eindhoven Airport – EIN, and Groningen Airport Eelde – GRQ. international Business Class flights to Amsterdam are available to all of these to airports. The largest airport, AMS has the best amenities of The Netherland’s 15 airports. Your agent with FlightsLux can check which amenities are available at any airport and let you know you can expect. With so much to do in Amsterdam, there is a long list of major airlines that fly to AMS, MST, RTM, EIN, and GRQ. The most popular carriers include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Norwegian Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, and United Airlines all fly to Amsterdam airports. Check out Business Class Flights to Amsterdam today!

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