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When you book an international first class flight to Zurich, Switzerland you get a complete luxury experience while traveling to your destination. Deals on international first class flights to Zurich, Switzerland can be found on the travel websites. Inexpensive and cheap first class tickets to Zurich offer a glimpse into a luxurious lifestyle if you are accustomed to economy and coach travel. Are you a last minute planner? Fear not, there are first class tickets to Zurich, Switzerland to fit any budget. Yes, even last-minute travelers can find great deals on cheap and inexpensive first class flights to Zurich, Switzerland.

A few quick references about first class travel:

You can skip the long lines for economy and coach passengers at the airport. The “preferred traveler” lines are always shorter and move more quickly and you will be allowed to take more luggage on your trip without extra charges. Weight limits for your luggage are better too. Check with your airlines for restrictions and limitations, but in first class, you always get to bring more luggage than a coach or economy traveler. With an international first class ticket to Zurich, Switzerland you will move through security more quickly too, and you can use the airport lounges. These lounges allow first class travelers to enjoy a delicious meal, pick up some snacks, or grab a seat at the bar. Sodas, drinks, and alcohol are included. The attendant who checks you into the lounge will keep track of your flight information for you, so no worries, this attendant will let you know when it is time to pre-board your flight.

About Kloten Airport (ZRH)

When you are looking for your travel opportunities, consider that Zurich has one airport, Kloten Airport, ZRH. ZRH is the largest airport in Switzerland and the hub for Swiss International Airlines. You will have a fabulous time traveling to and from Kloten Airport, ZRH.

Here are a  Few Things to Do in Zurich:

  1. Altstadt (Old Town)Zurich’s historic center is on both banks of the Limmat. Much of the city’s culture, shopping and nightlife are concentrated in Old Town. It’s a combination of old and modern streets. It’s a great combination of squares, cafés and one of a kind shops. You will see historic monuments from the four medieval churches to the 17th century Town Hall. The Limmat waterfront needs to be seen. Medieval guild houses represent its history. On the west side, you can see the efforts to protect the city during the 17th century with ramparts and the Schanzengraben moat.
  2. LindenhofSimply said a hill. This elevated spot was once crested by a Roman fortress and shaded by lime trees. This hill gives you an incredible view of Zurich’s oldest quarters on the right bank. You can see landmarks on the skyline like City Hall, the Grossmunster Church, the university and the waterfront on the Limmat. The Lindenhof is a serene place, but its history is rich and exciting. Long after the days of the Roman fort, Charlemagne’s grandson Louis the German built his palace here in the 9th century. And much later, in 1798 the Zurich citizens swore the oath to Helvetic Constitution at this very place.
  3. Museum of Art- This museum has a collection that dates from the 1200s to the 2000s including the largest collection by Swiss 20th-century artist Alberto Giacometti. There is a great deal of international art here as well, including the largest Edvard Munch collection outside of Scandinavia, and assorted works by Van Gogh, Monet, Marc Chagall, Picasso and Max Beckmann, also masters like Rembrandt and Domenichino.
  4. Lake Zurich- If you are just strolling around the city head down to Lake Zurich. There is a scenic promenade along the east shore in the Seefeld quarter. It’s a beautiful scene with hundreds of sailboats and yachts cruising across the lake. The promenade starts at Bellevue and extends for three kilometers down to Tiefenbrunnen. The promenade is a series of walkways plotted around the lakeshore in the 1880s.
  5. Street Parade- The Street Parade has been going on since 1992 and was inspired by the Love Parade in Berlin. This is one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals in the world. More than one million people attend on the shores of Lake Zurich. Food and drink vendors round out this long weekend.
  6. Zurich West- Opposite the Old Town is the new side of Zurich. This stylish area was a former industrial zone. It is home to District 5 which was previously a manufacturing hub. All of this area experienced an economic downtown. Its rebirth has been very quick. It’s now Zurich’s creative and stylish side. The showpiece in Zurich-West is the Viadukt, literally a repurposed railway viaduct where the brick arches have been filled with stylish bars, restaurants, and shops. Where there once were old factories there are now restaurants, movie theaters, and parks. The Prime Tower, which you can see here, is Switzerland’s second tallest skyscraper.
  7. Uetliberg Mountain- Uetliberg Mountain offers some of the best views of Zurich and the surrounding Alps. It’s 2,858 feet above sea level. There are multiple trails for walking, hiking, biking, and sledding when there is snow. For the adventurers, there is paragliding offered at the mountain’s peak. There are also stunning views of the surrounding area. A train ride is the best way to get there. Take the mountain’s Path of the Planets, which is designed to mimic the sizes of and the distances between the solar system’s planets. The trail stretches between Uetliberg and Felsenegg mountains and takes about two hours to complete.
  8. Swiss National Museum- The Swiss National Museum itself is a work of art. It is a castle-like museum that is full of Swiss history, art, and culture. The exhibits vary from paintings to furniture. The architecture alone is worth the price of admission. Ornate buildings and surroundings lead the way to an overview of Switzerland’s history.
  9. Great Minster- This is the starting place of the Protestant Reformation in Zurich. According to locals, Charlemagne is said to have founded this church. It is believed to sit on top of the graves of the city’s patron saints Felix and Regula. Do yourself a favor and make sure you make a trip to the top of the church. After you climb the historic cathedral stairs you will get an incredible and panoramic view of the city of Zurich. The church has beautiful stained-glass windows and ornate bronze doors. This church has a little bit of something for everyone.
  10. Bahnhofstrasse- Bahnhofstrasse is the Zurich version of Beverly Hills. Take a stroll along the sleek storefronts and do some window shopping and people watching. This area stretches across Old Town from Hauptbahnhof station to Lake Zurich. High-end shops include Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Chanel, and Giorgio Armani. Although high-end boutiques surround the area, there are also plenty of restaurants and bars to visit as well.


Why First Class Tickets to Zurich, Switzerland:

Traveling to Zurich, Switzerland via first class will allow you to arrive in Switzerland ready to tackle all of the great things to do in Zurich. You will save the cost of an extra night at your hotel spent recovering from jet lag from the uncomfortable travel found in economy and coach. Plus you will not need to purchase any food or beverages at the airport or on your flight, because the food at the airport lounge and in first class are excellent and plentiful. Your seat on a first class flight to Zurich, Switzerland will lay completely flat allowing you to actually get quality, restful sleep en route to your destination. You will be given warm blankets, soft pillows, an eye mask, slippers, and any reading materials you request. There are unlimited movies and depending on the configuration of your aircraft you may have a small desk area or even a bar for first class travelers to assemble and chat. You will definitely have more privacy and comfort than a coach or economy seat.


If any of these perks sound appealing to you, log onto to a travel website, like FlightsLux, and begin planning your trip to Zurich today!

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