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International first class tickets to Germany are readily accessible using one of many available travel websites. These websites give you the ability to view the varying costs of airfare based on the date, time, and level of service you require. Given the busy schedules most people juggle, traveling on a first class flight to Germany can be a viable option for travelers who are short on vacation days. International first class flights to Germany landing at the Frankfort Airport (FRA), the Munich Airport (MUC), and the Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL) offer an additional layer of flexibility when booking the airfare portion of your trip. You can find international first class tickets to Germany to fit any budget and last-minute travelers can often find some of the best deals on cheap and inexpensive flights to Germany. A little bit of effort spent researching can net you great deals on first class tickets to Germany.


How to Save on First Class Travel-


Traveling first class will cost more than traveling coach or economy, but the cost is justified based on some of the added comforts and conveniences you will receive. Seasoned travelers calculate the additional cost only after minusing out the cost of one night at their hotel, the cost of meals at the airport, and the cost of in-flight meals to Germany. Your first class ticket to Germany will provide you with amenities that make it easy to sleep on the flight, so you won’t need an extra night at your hotel to recover from traveling through different time zones. Also, you won’t need to purchase an in-flight meal, food and beverages are included with your first class airfare price and the food is delicious, therefore purchasing food and drinks on the flight is not necessary. Snacks, dessert, and in-flight entertainment are also included, so minus these costs out of your budget as well.


If you are someone who frequently overpacks and gets hit with penalty fees at the check-in counter because your luggage is too heavy or you brought too many bags to check in, then first class travel will also save you these penalty costs. Your first class ticket to Germany will allow you to check-in really heavy bags and usually, you can check in as many pieces of luggage as you wish without a penalty. This benefit does vary based on your aircraft and the airline you are traveling with, but you can check in advance to find all of the particular first-class benefits prior to booking your flight. An added bonus is the preferred traveler check-in lines at the airport. These lines are super short and well staffed. Airline executives recognize that first class passengers should not have to wait in long lines at the airport, and because of this, you will move quickly through even the busiest airports including the Frankfort Airport (FRA), the Munich Airport (MUC), and the Berlin-Tegel Airport (TXL).


Another great benefit of first-class travel are the flight attendants. These attendants are incredibly well-traveled and they know the ins and outs of big cities and small towns. The first class cabin is small and you will receive individualized attention from your attendant. It is a good idea to get to know these professionals as they are usually very willing to share their knowledge with passengers. Ask them what they recommend you do while in Germany and you might learn some great insider tips on how to get around this vast country.


You can also check on the type of aircraft you will travel on and identify the cabin configuration. First class travel always gives you a bed to sleep in added privacy, but some of the newer planes offer bars and small sitting areas for first class passengers. Larger planes sometimes have an upstairs area that is for first class passengers or offer apartment-style seating that has a small desk or work area. First class travel to Germany is constantly changing and improving. Even if you flew first class as recently as five years ago, the amenities have changed immensely. It is worth looking at what first-class travel offers now and seeing what kind of deals you can find on first-class airfare. Luxury is not always as costly as you may think.


Great Things to See While in Germany-


  1. Schloss Neuschwanstein Castle- If you’ve ever seen Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, this will look familiar. This fairytale-like castle was copied for the Disneyland attraction. Ludwig II of Bavaria is responsible for commissioning it. It was built in the mid-nineteenth century and is Germany’s most photographed building.
  2. Aachen Cathedral- Built in 935, it is also known as the Imperial Cathedral. It is the oldest cathedral in all of northern Europe. There have been too many coronations of kings and queens at this Cathedral to count. It was built to look like churches from the Eastern Holy Roman Empire and was chosen as Charlemagne’s final resting place.
  3. Burg Eltz- A castle steeped in romanticism, this is truly a medieval fortress. The towers rise up out of the valley it looks like a replica of a medieval castle that you would find in Las Vegas.
  4. The Berchtesgaden National Park- Germany is known for the hustle and bustle of city life, but this national park is almost completely untouched by human hands. There are crystal clear lakes, rock formations, and beautiful forests. Definitely, a place for walking and hiking.
  5. Berlin Wall- Built in 1961 to keep East Berliners in the Soviet-regulated German state, citizens were trying to escape and enter the democratic West Berlin. The wall was built to separate the two German states. East Berliners lived in fear and oppression. Today, the wall is gone but there remain fragments of graffiti-covered concrete to remind you of how things used to be.
  6. Sylt- This is not your typical German experience. Going to the beach and enjoying the sand, waves, and sunshine is an amazing way to pass the time, but, that’s exactly what you’ll get in this laid-back beach town facing the North Sea. Tourists have flocked here and so have the boutiques and high-end restaurants.
  7. Schloss Herrenchiemsee- This castle from King Ludwig II of Bavaria was meant to be a grand masterpiece when it was built in 1873. It was modeled after Versailles and features over the top luxury. Gold as far as the eye can see. The architecture and splendor are fantastic, but the setting also makes the palace special.
  8. Cologne Cathedral- This cathedral in Cologne was actually under construction for around 600 years. The outside of the cathedral has an elaborate and ornate decoration that makes for a striking facade. The church sits on a Roman temple from the 4th century and houses three golden-crowned skulls which are believed to be from the Three Magi.
  9. Wies Church- This odd church is situated in the middle of nowhere and has a seemingly un-spectacular exterior. The very bland exterior leads you to believe there isn’t much inside, which is not the case. Inside the whitewashed building is an amazingly ornate interior with the famous Scourged Saviour inside.
  10. Museum Island- Museum Island is actually five museums in one. Located on an island in the Spree river, This was built in the 1800’s in the neoclassical style. The museums are focused on historical wares as well as Byzantine art pieces.


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