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First class cabin amenities on Thai Airways include an extra-wide, first class seat, excellent food, and entertainment. Thai Airways continues to add to the luxury offerings in first class, referred to as Royal First Class. First class passengers avoid jetlag and don’t waste any time waiting in lines, so first class is perfect for travelers looking to maximize their vacation days.


At the Airport

At the airport, first class passengers check in to their Thai Airways flight at a priority counter where there is never any waiting. First class passengers benefit from greater baggage limits too. The line through security is much shorter for first class passengers and a Thai Airways attendant can help you through security if needed.


If you are traveling from Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK), stop by the Royal First Lounge and check in at Royal Thai Massage for a full body oil massage or a traditional Thai style massage before your flight. The lounge is a great place to escape the noise and rush of the airport. You can enjoy a hot meal or quick bite, have a glass of wine or a cocktail or just sit back and relax. There are dining tables, recliners, and workstations too. You can recharge your laptop and electronic devices at the lounge.


First Class Cabin Amenities

The first class cabin is spacious and meticulously designed for your comfort and convenience. First class passengers are greeted with champagne and caviar during pre-boarding. The semi-private suites feature large seats, flat screen monitors, and a small table. Passengers receive gourmet food, fine wines, and beverages and can use an in-flight lounge area.

Royal First Class Seats

First class seats and first class cabin amenities vary based on your aircraft and destination. If you are flying in first class on a Thai Airways Airbus A380 or the recently remodeled Boeing 747, you get an eight foot long, semi-private suite. The Boeing 747s have first class seats that are 23 inches wide and the Airbus A380s have a 27-inch seat. Boeing 747s and Airbus A340s offer luxury pod designs with 180-degree fully flat beds and ample space to store your belongings. The first class suites are very private and allow you to sleep soundly during a long flight.

First class passengers have access to movies, television programs, and music. There are also games and special features on Thai Airways in-flight entertainment system which a is viewed on an interactive 23-inch flat screen monitor.


Food in the first class cabin begins with a glass of champagne, cocktail, or a glass of wine. There are also soft drinks and juices available. Caviar and condiments are served during boarding. The in-flight meal begins with an amuse-bouche, followed by a soup or salad. The main courses are flight specific to match the preferences of the passengers.


If you are traveling from Bangkok or an international destination, meals can be pre-ordered. First class passengers can choose from Asian and Western cuisines and traditional Thai dishes all made with fresh seasonal ingredients by award-winning chefs. Thai Airways kitchens can accommodate dietary restrictions and special requests as well. First class passengers access meal service via the Thai Airways website before their flight to request accommodations.


Thai Airways Fleets

Thai Airways operates a fleet of Airbus A380-800, Boeing 747-400: 74R/74N, Airbus A350-900, Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-200ER, Airbus A330-300: 330/33H/33R, Boeing 787-8: 788, Boeing 737-400, and Airbus A320-200: 320/32S.


First class cabin amenities and first class seats vary based on destination and aircraft. Check the Thai Airways website or consult with your travel agent for specific information about first class amenities and first class seats.


Five Things You Can’t Miss in Thailand

  1. Thai Traffic-The traffic in Bangkok is some of the most congested and awful traffic in the world. You will sit at lights that turn red to green and back to red without moving. It will take hours to get through some popular streets. You will see men, women, and children all on one moped barefooted without helmets. Mopeds, motorcycles, and taxis are the best way to beat the traffic and there aren’t many traffic laws in Thailand so you have to stay alert. It can be a frightening ride, so take the sky train whenever possible. A motorcycle taxi will leave a lasting impression on you!
  2. Night at Bangla Road- When the sun sets and nighttime hits the streets of Bangla Road, it changes dramatically and is magically transformed. During the day it is full of traffic and cars. At night, the roads are closed to traffic and the street comes alive. The street is full of bars, most of which are outdoors and seem to blend into each other into one extremely long bar top. It can difficult to distinguish where one establishment begins and another one ends. Street entertainers are everywhere and some are very talented. Prices are extremely competitive as restaurant owners are competing against each other.
  3. Vimanmek Mansion- The world’s largest teakwood building was once the home to some of the royal family. This mansion has been vacant for the past few decades and is now a museum. Many Thai artifacts and an interesting photography collection of the royal family are housed here. You can take photos outside of the mansion, but cameras are not allowed inside. Like many of the temples in Bangkok, strict dress codes are enforced so make sure to cover your skin as much as possible.
  4. Counterfeit Brands- Bangkok is world famous for vendors selling knock-off designer goods. There are all variations of knock-off quality from street vendors selling cheap imitations with misspelled brand names to those specializing in high-end knockoffs. There are hidden stores located behind the “normal” storefronts where you can purchase clothing, sunglasses, watches, and handbags from the finest brands in the world (although these items are not manufactured by the finest brands). Some knockoffs can be relatively expensive meaning you could still pay a few hundred dollars for a handbag, but the real handbag would cost $10,000 for the real thing.
  5. Phuket Big Buddha- Sitting at the top of Nakkerd Hills and standing at an enormous forty five meters tall, this Buddha statue can be seen from much of the valley in Phuket. It is the most famous landmark in all of Phuket. There is a  viewing platform where you will get panoramic views of the Island of Phuket. The Buddha itself is made of white Burmese marble with a backdrop of the water and it is an impressive site to see.

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