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If sand dunes, luxury shopping, and soaring temperatures top your list of vacation “wants” you should plan a trip to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Business class tickets to the UAE can be more affordable than you think and given the length of the flight, it may be worth paying the extra money for the luxury and comfort that business class flights to the UAE provide. Inexpensive business class tickets can be found on many websites and even last minute travelers can find some really great deals. Business class tickets to the UAE will give you many benefits and make traveling to this exotic country more enjoyable. Business class tickets to the UAE are not cheap, but you can find tickets to fit almost any budget.


Why Business Class?


The best-known benefit of business class travel is the bigger seat on the plane. The larger seat is a great benefit, but depending on the airline you choose, you may receive many other benefits. These perks include, but are not limited to extra luggage allowances, no weight limits for your checked-in bags, shorter lines at the airport, shorter lines through security, and pre-boarding. Additionally, you can use the club lounges at the airport where you can sit at the bar and chat with fellow travelers, pick up a hot meal, snack a bit, or just catch up on some work or reading. Frequent travelers use these lounges to recharge their mobile devices, polish last minute projects, and sometimes take a hot shower after a long day of traveling. The lounges are staffed with attendants who can show you the amenities that the lounge has to offer and they will help you with any delays or gate changes to your flight.


Once on board, you will definitely enjoy your seat that reclines to a sleeping position and the added privacy that business class travel provides. Blankets, pillows, eye masks, noise canceling earbuds and unlimited movies are just a few of the “extras” you will enjoy on your business class flight the UAE. Food and beverages are top notch and complimentary, so enjoy!


How to Find Inexpensive Business Class Flights to the UAE-


Finding your flight doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Select a website, FlightsLux specializes in first class and business class travel, so if you don’t have a referral you can check this website out and buy with confidence. Enter the date of your trip, the nearest airports, and then you can move these dates and possibly try other airports to find flights that work with your budget. The Dubai International Airport (DXB) is the busiest and most popular airport in the UAE, so beginning your search using DXB as your destination airport, is a good plan. Once you’ve settled on dates, times, and airports you can book your flight. Chelk the term and conditions before you buy and make sure you are comfortable with these policies. Consumers can call and speak with live attendants for most sites and this is a good time to ask all of the questions you have about airport fees, taxes, cancellation policies, and rescheduling allowances. If you aren’t comfortable with the fares and terms you are quoted, try a different website or service. Competition helps you negotiate a better deal for your travel arrangements, don’t book the first offer you receive. It can pay to shop around for low fares.


A short list of things to do in the UAE-



  1. Getting around UAE- The roads are typically in good condition and well lit. It’s great that signs come both in Arabic and English. Rush hour traffic brings speeds on public roads down to a crawl. Car rentals are available at airport, malls, and hotels with a valid credit card, passport, and license. Taxis are available but they don’t take credit cards, so make sure to cash available and make sure to have small dominations as drivers don’t like to give change. Abra boat trips are available between most islands if you are looking to do some island hopping.
  2. Traditional Arabic Restaurant- Bab Al Shams Resort is surrounded by sand dunes and appears like an oasis. Serving traditional Arabic food, you will also be entertained by belly dancers, actors riding horses having fake sword fights and henna artists. Think of it as an Arabic luau.
  3. Buddha Bar- Buddha Bar is the place to be and to be seen. Huge Buddha statue in the middle of the restaurant overlooks diners. Very opulent décor. Downstairs has a long-running bar down the entire side. There is a lounge area on the 2nd floor for more casual people watching. There are sweeping views of the Marina from the floor to ceiling windows. A great place that has existed for years. Join them for dinner or just have a cocktail but either way you will surely be entertained.
  4. Deira Gold Souk- Gold shopping in Dubai is one of the main attractions for tourists who are looking for tax-free jewelry or just want to do a walk-through of a gold souk. Dubai is known for its gold trade. There are countless vendors, but Deira Gold Souk in Old Dubai is a tourist fan favorite location. Gold is stacked everywhere in these souks aisles which is fun even if you aren’t looking for a purchase.
  5. Dubai Miracle Garden- 45 million flowers in just one section of Dubai which is labeled as the “largest natural flower garden in the world”. The Dubai Miracle Garden is laid out over 775,000 square feet and is a design masterpiece with the flowers forming the shapes of hearts and igloos. All of this grows successfully in some oppressive heat by a highly engineered drip system to keep the flowers thriving. Really a spectacular visual. There are also buildings covered in flowers giving the garden a very Alice in Wonderland feeling.
  6. Chillout Bar- Well, at some point during the day you will want to escape the tremendous heat of the UAE and this place definitely fits the bill. Completely constructed from ice, the temperature gets down to -6 degrees Celsius. You will be given a warm fur coat to wear while having a cocktail. The Chillout Bar is located in Times Square Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road.
  7. Gold facial massage- Everyone knows Dubai is the city of gold where you can visit one of the gold souks in various neighborhoods to get a good deal on jewelry, but this is a little different. Relax in a world-class spa and request a 24k gold leaf facial treatment using real gold.
  8. Global Village- Globe hoping is difficult work. Lot of miles on delayed airplanes, traffic jams, the time and money required can get overwhelming. Why not skip all the travel and just visit the Global Village. The Global Village is a community with kiosks representing over 30 countries from around the world. You can catch live performances, experience unique food and gifts at each of the vendors. You can travel the world in one afternoon.
  9. Scoopi Café- Back to the gold theme. How about a visit to Scoopi Café? Here you can get a vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, a scoop of saffron ice cream from Iran, rare black truffles from Italy or a  23-carat gold flakes ice cream called the Black Diamond which will run you about $800.  There are all kinds of unique flavors and all delicious at this very trendy ice cream boutique.
  10. Camels- There are many ways to experience this very friendly animal which is synonymous with the region. You can take a tour out in the desert and ride one of these majestic animals for yourself. An experience you won’t soon forget. You can also catch a polo match but with camels instead of horses at various polo fields.

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