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International business class flights are a great way to kick off your next vacation. Business class tickets to Switzerland can be found at affordable rates on many travel websites. Travel agents have access to these last minute deals too. Imagine purchasing international business class tickets to Switzerland that work with your budget and are cheap and inexpensive! The luxuries of business class flights to Switzerland make you feel pampered for the entire journey to this magical country. The food is great, the drinks are free, and you will have enough privacy and room to sleep comfortably on the flight. If you can find international business class tickets to Switzerland that are cheap and affordable, maybe now is the time to splurge and try business class travel.


You can research all of the amenities and extras offered to business class travelers to Switzerland and decide if you think the benefits justify the higher price of business class tickets to Switzerland. Offerings do vary based on the aircraft and the configuration of the cabin, so definitely check before you buy to avoid being disappointed.


Which Airport Should I Choose to Find the Best Deals?


The good news is Switzerland has two major airports, so you should have lots of options for flights and times. The largest airport in Switzerland is the Zurich Airport, ZRH. Zurich Airport, ZRH is located in Zurich and is also sometimes called Kloten Airport. The Zurich Airport, ZRH is very busy and offers great amenities to all travelers. Once you book your flight, you can research what added services business class travelers can access at this airport. The lounges at Zurich Airport are clean and comfortable and must see if you are traveling first class or business class.


Switzerland’s second largest airport is Geneva Airport, GVA. This airport serves as the hub for Swiss International Airlines and is located in Geneva. An interesting element of the Geneva Airport, GVA is that it is accessible in France or Switzerland as it is located on the Swiss-French border. Geneva Airport, GVA also offers business class travelers top-notch services and amenities. If you are departing from Geneva Airport, GVA for your journey home, make sure you stop by the club lounge hosted by the airline you are traveling. The lounges are a great way to collect yourself before your flight home, and they serve free food and drinks, so why not stop, relax and indulge before departing Switzerland.


Can I Trust That I’m Purchasing From a Legitimate Source?


Online shopping is convenient and secure – usually. Make sure you are working with a well-run company that offers support to customers even after you’ve purchased. Ask all of your questions and do all of your research before you provide your credit card information. Your business class ticket to Switzerland will come with restrictions, know what they are before you buy. Examine the refund policy and inquire about after-purchase support. If you think the deal is too good to be true, it might be, so slow down, take your time, and research away! You will be glad you did. Vacations are supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable. Business class flights offer a lot of luxuries, make sure you know exactly what to expect. Double and triple check, then buy. Your final step is to plan your days in Switzerland.


Ten Fun Things to See in Switzerland


  1. Palace de Rumine- Gabriel de Rumine was a Russian aristocrat who lived in Lausanne and when he passed away he left his fortune to the city to build a museum bearing his name. Palace de Rumine was constructed at the turn of the century in classic Florentine Renaissance style. The palace actually houses five museums. The Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts is the most popular and has over 10,000 pieces of works. Mostly featuring artists from Lausanne and from greater Switzerland.
  2. Place de la Palud- Located in the center of Lausanne in a pedestrian square is the Place de la Palud. City Hall has been located here since the 17th century as well as old apartment buildings. Walking around the square and the building’s arcade and passageways gives you a sense of history. You will get a great view of the City Hall’s tower. If you are able to visit at the top of the hour you will get a chance to hear the chimes and the figures that pop out of the clock. The figures that come out represent Lausanne’s most historical people before disappearing back into the clock.
  3. Altstadt- Altstadt is Zurich’s historic center on the banks of Limmat. The streets of Altadt are very close to the originals from medieval times. Much of the city’s nightlife of bars, restaurants, and shopping is concentrated here. Wander through the cobblestone streets and stumble upon square after square of cafes with outdoor seating, historic monuments, and churches. Spend some time on the Limmat waterfront and its beautiful medieval guild houses. Check out the west side of Altstadt to see the 17th-century ramparts built to defend the city as well as the Schanzengraben moat.
  4. Bern Cathedral- Built over a period of 100 years in the 15th and 16th century, Bern Cathedral is Switzerland’s tallest cathedral with a single spire towering over 100 meters into the air. There are over 400 steps to get to the viewing tower, but you will be rewarded with a great view of the Alps. The Last Judgement is an iconic European Late Gothic sculpture that can be seen as you enter the cathedral. The cathedral houses many other sculptures that will leave you speechless. The cathedral is known its stained glass windows from the 16th-century and their ornate carved choir stalls.
  5. Escaliers du Marche- To get from Place de la Palud to the Esplanade de la Cathedrale you must walk up the covered wooden stairway known as the Escaliers du Marche. It is a charming walk on these steps that date back to the 14th The current design and flow of the steps date back to 1710. To make the steps less precarious and more enjoyable there are a number of terraces that were built to give you a break from the steps and give you the opportunity to get a great view over the city.
  6. Old Town Bern- A Unesco world heritage site is the medieval center in Bern. Dating back to the 16th century, most of the city was destroyed by a fire in 1405. Many of the buildings that were rebuilt after that have arcades on the ground floor which hide shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. There are over six kilometers of arcades in all. There are a total of eleven Renaissance fountains in the city center.
  7. Ouchy Promenade- Take a walk on the Ouchy Promenade built on the shores of Lake Geneva and let your troubles and stress melt away. When the sun is out, this promenade and surrounding grass area are filled with couples and families out enjoying the scenery and warm weather. Look out over the lake and see the Chablais Alps as a backdrop. There is a lot to see at Place de la Navigation. Here you find public concerts, markets or festivals.
  8. Take a swim- The Aare river is a popular place for locals to cool off in the spring and summer with a swim. The best and safest parts are south of the Altstadt where the waters are very calm. If you really want to have some fun, grab an innertube and enter the water at Eichholz and float down the river to the Freiban Marzili. The river banks are flush with green grass and shallow hills to jump out, dry off and do some sunbathing. At the end of this trip, if you get out at Freiman, you can take a short 100-meter funicular over the hill and visit the cafes or restaurants.
  9. SC Bern- SC Bern plays at the Post Finance Arena and is the most successful hockey team outside of the United States and the National Hockey League. Their home stadium has the capacity for 17,000 and regularly sells out each game. They have won Switzerland’s national championship in three of the last five years. You can purchase tickets online or at the gate.
  10. Most popular food- Swiss food is a combination of influences from nations including Germany, France, and Italy. The most famous food in Switzerland is cheese fondue. Melted cheese with salt, pepper, garlic, and wine served in a traditional ceramic pot called “caquelon”. Dip some pieces of bread in the pot of cheese and you are good to go.


Happy planning!

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