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For your next vacation consider purchasing a first class ticket to Belgium. International first class flights have become more affordable than you might think. First class travel offers amazing benefits and comforts which can be a great advantage when traveling long distances. Use a website, like FlightsLux, to help you plan your first class vacation to Belgium. There are fares to fit any budget and last minute travelers can find great deals too. Inexpensive first class tickets are available and can be found if you can provide some flexibility in the days and times you can depart and return. The Brussels Airport (BRU) is your best bet for finding cheap first class flights to Belgium. The Brussels Airport, BRU, is an excellent airport with many amenities for travelers.


How to Find First Class Tickets


First class tickets to Belgium can be sourced using travel websites. Compare fares before you buy and be as flexible as you can with the days and times you can travel. Less expensive flights are available throughout each day and if you are traveling last minute, flights that have low bookings may offer really great deals on the unsold seats.


The Benefits of First Class Travel


First class travel allows you to move through the airport more quickly. You will use the first class travel lines which are short and well staffed. You will also be allowed to check in additional baggage without paying extra fees. You can preboard the plane, relax in your seat that transforms into a bed, so you actually sleep on the plane. The flight attendants in the first class cabin are experienced professionals who will help you with all of your requests. First class tickets to Belgium include blankets, pillows, a five-star meal, unlimited alcohol, other beverages, desserts, and snacks. You can watch movies, request reading materials, and sometimes use a common area or bar area that is designated for first class passengers. The onboard accommodations vary based on your aircraft, but you will always receive a seat that converts into a bed and added privacy. First class travel to Belgium will surpass your expectations, and it should, because you are paying more for your tickets. So ask for what you want!


The Airport Lounges


One of the best-kept secrets of first-class travel is the airport lounge. These lounges are located throughout the airport and they provide first-class travelers with free meals, snacks, and cocktails. Travelers check in with a concierge and the concierge takes care of tracking your flight for you for the duration of your time spent at the lounge. You can relax, eat, nap, shower, finish work, make phone calls, or take care of any last minute responsibilities before you slip away on your vacation. The lounges provide a quiet place to relax and get into vacation mode. Begin your vacation the right way by allowing time to get acquainted with these luxury lounges. They offer a lot more than a free meal. Many lounges have bars and common areas where you can meet other travelers and ask about their travel experiences.


Things to See While you Are in Belgium-


  1. Belgium Beer- Belgium has always been known for its beer but increasingly it has become known for its craft beers. A craft beer explosion has occurred in Belgium. Many of the local bars have adjusted to this and have started carrying a greater selection of these small brews. Keep in mind when tasting that many of these beers have a must higher alcohol percentage. The city also has many tours available for the breweries and bar hopping.
  2. Le Cercueil- For the slightly twisted and macabre group, this bar might just fit the bill. Opened right after the horror movie, “The Exorcist” came out the décor of this bar is filled with grim reapers, skeletons, candles, coffins, and skull-shaped beer mugs. Bartenders have come up with some unique drinks as well, like corpse juice and vampire blood.
  3. The Lucifer of Liege- This statue of the fallen angel, Lucifer, which is embedded in pulpit stairs, was carved by a Belgian sculptor in 1848. It depicts a beautiful but tortured young man. At first glance, the young man appears to be a saint, but upon further inspection, you will see bat wings at his sides, the apple at his feet has a bite taken out of it, and his toes have sharp claws.
  4. Bruge Canal- Take a gondola ride through the many canals in Bruges. This area is very much like Venice, Italy, if not better. The canals are a great way to cruise through this quaint town and take in the views of this postcard-like town. It is a very romantic and peaceful setting with squares and tree-lined streets.
  5. Castle Gravensteen- A castle in the quaint town of Ghent. Ghent is also a canal town like Bruges but lesser known. The Gravensteen is a castle that was originated in the Middle Ages. The name means “castle of the counts” in Dutch.
  6. The Blue Forest- During the spring from April through May, the Hallerbos Forest is covered with millions of bluebell flowers. Also known as the Blue Forest the 1,360-acre woods are full of beech trees which will have these blue flowers literally everywhere, covering every inch of ground while they are in bloom. There are paths to walk along, but you need to share them with the rabbits and deer.
  7. Nemo 33- Designed and built by diver John Beernaerts, the goal was to build a first-rate diving center to teach people how to scuba and deep-sea dive. Nemo 33 is the deepest indoor swimming pool in the world. It has simulated caves to try and mimic Bora Bora. There are also viewing windows to watch the divers at different depths.
  8. The Basilica of the Holy Blood- The chapel itself is a beautiful European church, but what draws visitors to this site every day is the story behind one of its pieces. It is believed that following the crucifixion of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea wiped the blood from the body of Christ and the cloth was preserved. This artifact found its way to Bruges where it sits today unopened. The vial is adorned with gold and enclosed on each end by coronets decorated with angels.
  9. The Yorkshire Trench- While work was being completed on the Ypres-Izer canal in 1992, a section of the old British front line was discovered with the remains of 155 dead soldiers from World War I. It is believed that these men died on July 6, 1915. The trench has been left intact, with sandbags, duckboards, fire-steps, and loopholes. It is believed that the German front line was only 100 yards away. A memorial has been built at the site to honor these and other young men who died in the war.
  10. Brussels Christmas Market- If you are around Brussels during Christmastime, you should not miss the Brussels Christmas Market. It is held from November 30, 2018, until January 6, 2019, in the center of Brussels. It is located at the Grand-Place, which is spectacular itself, and around the Bourse, the Place de la Monnaie and the Marche aux Poissons. The market consists of more than 200 chalets, a Ferris wheel, merry-go-rounds, an ice rink, a massive Christmas tree, and a sound and light show nightly at the Grand-Place.


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