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International first class flights to Taipei make traveling comfortable and easy. First class tickets to Taipei cost more, but you reap many benefits from traveling first class. Travel websites provide transparency for consumers. You can enter your travel dates and preferred times at these sites and compare fares. There are first class tickets to fit any budget. Cheap tickets can be found in the first class cabin. Even last minute trips can be more affordable than you think. If you allow a bit of flexibility in the travel dates, you can view the difference in fares and decide which mode of travel best suits your needs.


What you get with First class tickets to Taiwan:

Before you choose coach or economy travel, consider the added benefits that first class travel provides.

  1. A larger seat that reclines to a flat position- You can get real, quality sleep in these seats. Depending on the type of aircraft you are flying on, you may have a small desk or “apartment-style” seating arrangement. Either way, you will be able to sleep and you will enjoy lots of additional privacy. You’ll also get blankets, pillows, slippers, an eye mask, and anything else you might need to make your flight more comfortable.
  2. A knowledgeable flight attendant- First class is the area for the seasoned flight attendants. They are well traveled and very helpful. You can ask them for sightseeing information and they will attend to your every need during your flight.
  3. Food and beverages- First class serves high-quality food and free beverages, alcohol too. Some planes are equipped with first class bar areas.
  4. Pre-boarding and preferred traveler lines- First class travelers use shorter “first class” and “preferred traveler” lines at check-in and through security. Saving time at the airport is a great advantage, especially during the holidays and busy summer months.
  5. Airport Lounges- An international first class ticket to Taipei, Taiwan allows you and a guest to enter the airport lounge. These lounges are a fantastic perk of first class travel. Hot meals, snacks, cocktails, soda machines are all available here and everything is free.
  6. In-flight entertainment- While you are relaxing in your big, comfortable seat you can watch unlimited free movies, use the noise canceling headphones, or request reading materials. You will not be bored.


First class travel to Taipei is an experience. If you are short on time for your trip, you may want to pay the extra money for a first class ticket so you can arrive in Taipei well-rested and eager to see the city.


What to do in Taiwan:

  1. Liberty Square- The heart and soul of Taipei is Liberty Square in Zhongzheng. This is where the Taiwanese have taken to the streets to protest and where foreign dignitaries are brought to see a piece of Taiwan. Not only for tourists, but locals also come here to practice T’ai chi, hang out, jog or play mahjong. Get lucky with your visit and see military exercises or flag-raising ceremonies.
  2. Tonghua Night Market- One of Taipei’s liveliest night markets. This night market is also very popular with the locals. It is not a tourist trap. Taiwanese locals fill this market making it more local and less touristy. There’s something for everyone. Local food vendors take up numerous stalls. Items like sushi, steak, desserts, Thai food, Vietnamese food, candyfloss, and the best rice-wine sweet dumplings in the city. Shopping-wise there are jewelry, clothing, kitchenware, posters, puzzles, and local Taiwanese traditional items. This market is sometimes called Linjiang Street Night Market as it’s actually on Linjiang St.
  3. Elephant Mountain- Let’s face it, you are on an island on the southeast coast of China, it’s going to be hot and humid. But the views and escape from the craziness of Taipei are worth it after the hike up Elephant Mountain. A picturesque trail with plenty of opportunities for rest along the way. It is 10-20 minutes of a straight climb up an old trail. But some spectacular views of the Taipei skyline can be seen at numerous panoramic points.
  4. Dihua Street- Take a stroll down this historic street. Young entrepreneurs have rebuilt the former Center Street with new cafes, restaurants, antique shops, and art studios. It also has traditional Chinese medicine shops and fabric stores including a sundry market. The history of this street goes back to the 1850’s. After the Second Opium War, the ports were opened, and tea merchants rushed into this area and built mansions and trading stores. Later during the Japanese era, the architecture changed and became more baroque and modernist making Dihua a very diverse and aesthetically pleasing street.
  5. Bao’an Temple- A Unesco Heritage Award location, this is a must-visit when in Taipei. This structure is loaded with traditional decorative arts. The temple was founded in 1760 by immigrants from Quanzhou. The main resident god is Baosheng Dadi or Saint Wu. Saint Wu was a historical figure revered for his medical skills. The rear shrine is dedicated to Shengnong, the god of agriculture. In the late 1990’s the temple went under major renovation and is a major tourist attraction.
  6. Huashan 1914 Creative Park- An early 20th-century wine factory was restored into Taipei’s most retro-chic venue. Old warehouses have been restored and now host a group of incredibly stylish restaurants, cafes, and bars. Music concerts are hosted in this area and merchants sell Taiwanese-designed products. An independent cinema is located on the back side called SPOT.
  7. Taipei 101- One of the tallest buildings in the world. It actually held the title of “world’s tallest building” for a number of years. A true engineering feat designed to resemble a gigantic bamboo. The lift itself is like a Disneyland ride. At 1,010m per minute, it only takes 40 seconds to get from the ground level to observation deck on the 89th Observation decks are on the 88th and 89th floors with an outdoor deck on the 91st floor. The tower is protected from Taipei typhoons and earthquakes with massive gold-colored iron wind dampers. The tower also has a five-floor mall with some of the most luxurious stores in the world.
  8. National Palace Museum- An enormous collection of the finest Chinese art collection in the world. Find everything from paintings, statues, ceramics, jade, calligraphy and religious objects. See one of the most famous pieces which is the jade cabbage. Exactly what it says it is, a piece of jade cabbage. Pieces range over multiple dynasties including the Qing and Ming and going back to Neolithic times. One of the floors contains the Sanxitang Teahouse which offers tea, dim sum, and vegetarian options.
  9. Confucius Temple- This temple was constructed in the late 1920s and is a beautiful example of Minnan (southern) style architecture and of Taiwan’s local decorative arts. Throughout the Temple is the history of Confucius. Not your typical stodgy temple as there are fun things like archery and horse riding available.
  10. Land Band Exhibition Hall- The building originally was opened as a bank in 1933. It is a mix of Western and Japanese styles. The first part of the tour takes you into the bank’s old vault. There is a fossil display area full of dinosaur remains. Evolution is the theme at this museum as it is the evolution of money, banking, and life.


Now that you have some ideas of things to see and do in Taiwan. It is time to begin researching your air travel. Taipei’s airport is called Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (TPE). Begin planning your trip now.

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