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Madrid is an elegant city known for well-stocked museums, manicured parks, luxury shopping, and five-star dining. But the capital of Spain is also a city brimming with nightlife, artist colonies, and quirky sights. It doesn’t have to be a serious vacation for only the culturally well-educated. There are colorful street shops, casual cafes, and music venues for all ages to enjoy. Let’s say you’ve already been to Madrid. You’ve toured the Royal Palace and the Prado Museum and this time you want a locals version of this enchanting city. Pack your walking shoes, and start researching First Class Tickets to Madrid because if you only have a few days, you won’t waste time feeling jet lagged. Even last minute travelers can find great deals on first class travel to Madrid. Begin your research looking at travel websites. Many of these sites offer travel plans to fit all budgets.

Before you book your airfare, here are just a handful of sights to see in Madrid:

  1. Chamberi Ghost Station – This is Madrid’s first metro station and has been closed since 1966. Trains still roll through the station but do not stop here. The attraction of this unused station are the advertisements that still line the walls. Dating back since 1919, the colorful tile ads are works of historic art and well worth the trip. It is free to venture down and admire these vintage ads.
  2. La Plaza de la Luna– This street marker is part of the Kcymaerxthaere Project, and requires a very lengthy explanation of just what exactly this marker (which is actually a portal) represents. If you are interested in these types of monuments, do your research and bring your camera! One of a kind.
  3. Templo de Debod- This ancient Egyptian temple has a lot to offer and how peculiar that it’s in Spain! The Temple is inside the Parque de la Montana and features a lovely reflection pool. Plus, you’ll be treating yourself to some of Madrid’s most stunning views.
  4. The Fountain of the Fallen Angel– Located in the Parque del Buen Retiro, this statue sits on top of a column in the middle of a fountain. It is inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost and is an interpretation of Lucifer being cast out of Heaven. It’s beautiful, powerful and historic. Plus, it offers an opportunity to sit and reflect.
  5. Palacio de Cristal – This elaborate greenhouse is located in the Parque del Buen. Originally built to exhibit exotic plants, the space now shows mostly art installations. The building itself is worth the visit: columns, baroque styles, and even a boat dock. It’s huge, it’s ornate, it’s impractical – just go!
  6. Sobrino de Botin – You have to eat, so you may as well eat at the world’s oldest restaurant. This eatery opened in 1725 and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world. The eatery has four floors offering varied cuisine (all rooted in the Spanish tradition). The most popular dish is the suckling pig.
  7. Air Crash – This sculpture depicts an angel crashing head first into a building. It’s fun, beautiful and the backstory isn’t completely known. Some say it is a different interpretation of Lucifer, some say Icarus, others say it’s an angel not paying attention to where they are going.
  8. The Rocker Grandma Statue– This statue tells the story of a widowed mother who worked multiple jobs to raise her children and discovered heavy metal music in her 70’s. The story says she attended a heavy metal concert with her grandson because heavy metal musicians lived in her neighborhood of Vallecas and she fell in love with the music. She became a regular concert attendee and an inspiration to music fans – it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby!
  9. Fronton Beti-Jai – Madrid is known for its deep love of sports. The fans in Madrid are passionate and committed. One trip to Bernabeu Stadium (the city’s professional soccer venue and Real Madrid’s home base) and you won’t need convincing. The city supports the hometown team. So it’s almost creepy when you visit the remains of this 19th-century sports complex. Closed in 1936, the city is currently launching a plan to rehabilitate the complex. Check the status of the rehabilitation (many previous efforts have failed and the area is occasionally fenced off for surveys).
  10. Music History- Hidden within the Royal Palace is a music room with original Stradivarius instruments. Two violins, a cello, and a viola made up the royal quartet. These stringed instruments are on display and incredibly unique. Seek out this room for a bit of music history!


And this list could continue to at least 50 offbeat things to see and do in Madrid. Given that the city offers so much for tourists, many travelers are investing more money and purchasing First Class International Flights to Madrid. Spending a few minutes looking on travel websites gives travelers the transparency to see the difference in price for an economy and first class fares. Often times travelers factor vacation days, hotel fees, and fares to determine the best route to take. Saving a day at your hotel recovering from uncomfortable coach travel is becoming more and more popular. Finding Cheap and discount fares with little to no notice is a reality thanks to so many travel websites.


One such website, FlightsLux specializes in inexpensive international first class tickets to Madrid and other cities quickly and easily. FlightsLux provides access to affordable and at the lowest price fares.


Weigh your options before you book. First Class flights to Madrid offer travelers a lot of extras that make your journey to Spain more comfortable, quicker, and just all around easier. First class tickets to Madrid allow you to skip the long check-in lines at the airport. They also send you through a preferred (and always shorter line) through security checks. Not everyone is aware that airports are home to luxury lounges. Your first class tickets allow you to enter these lounges before you board your flight. If you have a work to finish, need to make phone calls, write emails, or even want to plan a few more sights to see, these lounges offer a nice, quiet get-away from the noise and congestion of the airport. The lounges are luxurious, quiet, and professional. They offer full meals, snacks, alcohol, soda machines, cold water, and even have shower rooms stocked with high-end grooming products. The service attendants will let you know if your flight is delayed or affected by any other changes. Once at your gate, you pre-board and get settled in your seat before other passengers, again no waiting or rushing.


Once on board a first class flight to Madrid, you’ll enjoy a seat that fully reclines and offers privacy. Depending on the type of plane you are on, you could have a partition wall, a small desk area, or even a bar to chat with other first class passengers. In addition, you can always count on blankets, pillows, slippers, five-star meals, free alcohol, unlimited movies, noise canceling earbuds, and a helpful and knowledgeable staff of flight attendants.

Madrid Airport:

International first class flights to Madrid will arrive at Madrid-Barajas Airport – MAD. This airport offers top-notch amenities and you will not be disappointed.

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