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First class flights to Italy provide travelers with a wealth of comforts on their long journey to Italy and first class tickets to Italy don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Consider comparing airfare on travel websites before you purchase an economy or coach seat. International first class tickets to Italy can be found at cheap and inexpensive prices on many websites. If you are a last minute traveler, you still have a great chance of finding great deals on airfare for unbooked seats. Italy offers great flexibility in terms of airports to fly into, this will help you find affordable first class tickets to Italy. The more options you have, the greater your chances are of finding a great deal on first class airfare.


Let’s begin with Rome. Rome has two major airports Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport  (FCO) is the busiest and most popular airport in Rome. Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA) is Rome’s other airport and is much smaller than FCO. Rome’s two main airports offer fantastic first class amenities. The most options for finding great deals on affordable international first class flights to Rome will be Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, (FCO) and Rome Ciampino Airport (CIA). If you want to fly into Venice and begin your trip to Italy in this romantic city of canals and waterways, consider Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE), you can find some really great deals on inexpensive flights to this airport. If the cosmopolitan city of Milan is calling you and you want to begin your first class trip to Italy here, look for flights arriving at Milan-Malpensa Aiport (MXP) in northern Italy.


Regardless of where you choose to begin your Italian getaway, these airports all work with major airlines including Air Italy, Alitalia, Air France, Lufthansa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Alaskan Airlines, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, and United Airlines. With so many choices for your trip to Rome, you will have a lot of options for flights, carriers, and airports which in turn, will help you find the best deals on international first class flights. Flexibility is the key to finding great deals!


Things to Do in Italy


  1. The Coliseum- These ancient ruins are probably the most spectacular architecture in the world. Located in Rome is the famous Coliseum. The ruins of the amphitheater are still in very good shape. You can almost feel what it would have been like to visit the Coliseum with 50,000 other Romans where they gathered to watch violent spectacles from the gladiators. Tours are available.
  2. Valley of the Temples- Located in Agrigento, Sicily. The Valley of the Temples is a large archeological complex featuring Doric temples that are still intact from the 5th There is a huge sense of history and stunning architecture at this site. The entire valley overlooks the town and there are stunning views from the site.
  3. Amalfi Coast- The Amalfi Coast is of the most beautiful and scenic spots in Italy. The best way to enjoy the coast is to take a boat trip. There are many coves and restful inlets with a backdrop of the Lattari Mountains. Keep an eye out for the villages with great cafes and restaurants along the entire coastline.
  4. The City of Siena- This city is the neighboring city to Florence. The historic Center of Siena is covered with Gothic architecture that dates back to the 12th Some of the buildings to look for include the Duomo, the Pinacoteca Nationale, and the Palazzo Salimbeni.
  5. Uffizi Gallery- Located in Florence, this gallery features works of arts from the Italian greats including Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, and Caravaggio. The museum itself is one of the nicest buildings in Italy and it overlooks the Arno river.
  6. Juliet’s Balcony- Based on Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this fictitious balcony is supposed to represent Juliet’s balcony in Verona. The city of Verona purchased this home with the idea of claiming this was indeed the balcony of Juliet from Shakespeare’s play. A small problem arose, however, because the characters from the play were fictitious characters. Couples still flock to the house,year after year, to proclaim their love for each other.
  7. The Last Supper Mural- This famous piece of art completed by Leonardo da Vinci is on display at the Santa Maria Delle Grazie. It depicts Christ and the apostle’s last supper before Christ’s crucifixion. Regardless of your religious affiliation, this is a moving piece of art due to its significance worldwide. It is one of the most recognizable paintings in the world and Leonardo da Vinci is still considered one of the great master painters. It was painted in the 15th
  8. Vatican City- Head to Rome and visit the official headquarters of the Catholic Church and home of the Pope. Vatican City is actually listed as its own state within Italy, but it is located in the city of Rome. Take a guided tour and see the Piazza San Pietro and St. Peter’s Basilica. You can also visit the Vatican Palace and the Sistine Chapel which feature the Creation of Adam on the ceiling.
  9. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore- This crown jewel of cathedrals is located in beautiful Florence. The Santa Maria del Fiore features a dome that can be seen from all over Florence. You can climb to the top of the cathedral and get a view across Florence from one of the lookout areas. It was built in 1296, but not finished until 1436. The basilica is one of the largest churches in Italy. Its dome is the largest brick dome ever constructed.
  10. Cinque Terra- A UNESCO World Heritage Site is this city beautiful and worth seeing. In Liguria, there are five unique villages on cliffs overlooking the Italian Riviera. These five villages are Vernazza, Manarola, Corniglia, Monterosso, and Riomaggiore. In addition to the great sea views, you will find romantic restaurants and cafes surrounded by rows and rows and olive groves.


How to Begin Planning and Booking


Now that you have a list of airports and some things to see and do during your trip to Italy, it’s time to set aside some time and begin planning your trip. Log on to several travel websites and begin entering dates and times. Remember to be flexible as you can be because it will give you the best chances of finding inexpensive airfare. Try using FlightsLux, a website that specializes in first class and business class travel. They offer 24-hour support, seven days a week. Always check the terms and conditions before you book your travel, last minute changes can occur and you need to know the restrictions on your ticket before you buy.


First class tickets to Italy will allow you to arrive in Italy feeling pampered and well rested. Arriving ready to begin your vacation and not tired and jet-lagged will not only give you an extra day of vacation but can refresh you mentally so you can get the most out of your trip. You can also search your first class tickets to Italy during the offseason to save even more money on airfare and accommodations. Check weather patterns and determine a time in the offseason with mild temperatures. A benefit of first class travel is extra checked in bags without a penalty fee, so you could pack extra coats and layers to make the trip more comfortable. Italy will also be much less crowded during the offseason.


Vacations are a luxury and great customer service is always appreciated. First class travel offers great customer service and great luxuries, so it’s a great way to begin any vacation. Happy travels!

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