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Qantas First Class Flights

In 2003 Qantas founded Jetstar Airways. Jetstar Airways is a low-cost airline. It was created to compete in the growing less frills, low-cost  airline segment which includes others such as Virgin Australia.

Since then, the Melbourne based airline has grown to offer both domestic and international flights. The segment is known for low cost fares and passengers paying extra fees for amenities including checked bags and food.

In 2017, Qantas brought the Kangaroo back to China’s capital Beijing after an 8 year halt of the route. With Australia being such a tourist destination, Qantas looked to tap into the Chinese market. They are competing with other Chinese airlines flying to Australia like Hainan Airlines, Xiamen Air and China Southern.

On most Qantas flights that fly international there are actually 4 cabin choices. There is the standard economy, business and first-class cabins but there is also a premium economy which is priced between economy and business class. There are only 32 seats and you get your own cabin crew dedicated to economy premium. The seats are more comfortable and you have different food selections.

Quantas First Class Food and Drinks

The Australian wine market draws many tourists every year. Qantas has developed their own “Sommeliers in the Sky” program that trains cabin crews on wine. The airline also invests more than $19 million in the Australian wine industry every year through the Qantas Wine Program. It sources more than 250 wines from Australia to serve on its flights.

Some Qantas flights offer in flight entertainment in the form of a camera mounted outside the plane which offers live streams right to your personal seatback television. So don’t worry about getting that window seat. People love the view on takeoffs and landings.

Traveling these deals can seem like all operators are looking to make an extra dollar. There are fees for everything such as selecting a pre-assigned seat, food, alcohol or checking a bag. Qantas is one of the few airlines that offers first bag checked for free even for domestic economy purchased seats.
All seats on longer flights get their own personal seatback entertainment system including cable TV and movies that aren’t available to rent yet. HBO is also offered. In all you can have access to up to 500 television programs and 100 movies to help occupy the time.

Qantas is great for serving meals on their planes. Once again, in an age where everything is being cut back, Qantas is still serving full meals even in economy class and on flights under 2 hours. Including a dessert course for you ice cream lovers.

On their long haul flights, they offer a full snack bar which is stocked with treats in case you are hungry between meals services. Includes small bottles of water to take as you like.

The Qantas First Lounge at Sydney International Airport is consistently ranked amongst the best in the world. It is one of three flagship first class lounges offered by the airlines. The others are located at Melbourne and LAX. All 3 clubs are exclusively for first class passengers and offer a host of indulgent services.

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